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Unconventional Things to Pack for Disney

It’s almost here! Your Disney dream vacation! You have made a list of things to pack and you are counting down the days. As you begin to pack your bags, you may want to consider some (or all) of these unconventional items that can make your trip more pleasant.

  1. Clothes pins – Yes, you can still actually purchase clothes pins. They can be found near the clothes hangers in most discount stores, including dollar stores. Throw a few clothes pins into your bag to use to hold your towel on the back on your lounge chair while visiting the resort pools and then to hang wet bathing suits in your shower. Most Disney hotel showers have a retractable clothes line in the shower.
  2. Collapsible hanging shoe organizer – If you have several family members staying in one hotel room, this handy device can be used to easily organize items for quick access. We always pack a collapsible shoe organizer that hangs in our closet. Each evening, we place our sunglasses and camera in a pocket so we aren’t looking for them in the morning. I also place wet wipes, snacks, electronic device chargers, and hats/visors in the organizer so the kids can easily grab these things themselves instead of pulling things out of drawers and suitcases as they look for them.organizer
  3. Spray deodorant – I know this sounds random, but you won’t believe how much a little spray deodorant can help during your Disney vacation! Each morning, spray your feet with deodorant spray before putting on your socks and shoes. The deodorant cuts down on perspiration, which can lead to awful blisters. Trust me – it works! I always purchase the eight hour or longer sprays.
  4. Safety pins – Clip a few safety pins inside the bag you take into the parks. They have saved us when a shirt strap broke and when a button came off of my child’s shorts. I’ve even shared them with other families who are experiencing similar issues. They take up virtually no space in your park bag, and you will be extremely glad you took the time to pin them in your bag when you need them.IMG 1004
  5. Portable cellphone charger or power pack – The My Disney Experience app is great, but boy does it use a lot of battery power on your cellphone. You can purchase portable chargers that are fairly inexpensive and will save you hassle when your battery is dying and you need to find out what time the parade starts or when you want to take the perfect photo with your cellphone.
  6. Envelope or small zipper pouch – I’m married to a finance guy. He likes to know how much we have spent at the end of each day. I don’t carry a wallet into the parks so I always throw a simple envelope or small zippered pouch into my bag to hold receipts. Even if you purchase the Dining Plan, you will still have charges for gratuity, alcohol, souvenirs, etc.pouch

I hope these tips are helpful. And remember, if you chew gum you will need to pack some. Gum is not sold inside of Disney Parks.

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