Why This Disney Pro Still Books With Dreams Unlimited Travel

Why This Disney Pro Still Books With Dreams Unlimited Travel brian-mcgowan-_GfLHKd_P4s-unsplash 2 Large  Photo by <a href="https://unsplash.com/@sushioutlaw?utm_content=creditCopyText&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=unsplash">Brian McGowan</a> on <a href="https://unsplash.com/photos/brown-and-blue-concrete-castle-under-blue-sky-during-daytime-_GfLHKd_P4s?utm_content=creditCopyText&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=unsplash">Unsplash</a>

Disney planning can be a fickle thing. We love it because it’s full of promise and hope of enjoying the magical moments we work so hard for one day. However, I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a burden as well. Scrolling through attractions and choosing your park days is fun. Comparing resort room costs over 32 browser tabs and hoping you’ve got the best option is not. I did it for years for my family, pawing over the options, first with excitement and then with indecision. I started to second-guess myself and always wondered if there was a better deal on the table elsewhere.

When I started working here at The DIS, I had never had anyone intervene in planning my Disney vacation for me. The idea seemed unnecessary; after all, I have my self-appointed Disney Pro status already; what could someone else possibly help me with? I had one previous occasion when a travel agent was booking for me, and the experience was abysmal. I gave the company in question (who I won’t name because it’s unnecessary) the details of my trip and ended up with no more assistance than if I had done it myself. Not only that, the notes were not included correctly and we ended up with the wrong room type. There were no personal touches or follow-up emails; I was not impressed. It seemed useless.

My original thinking came back into play. I know these places inside and out; what more could I need? I thought I had everything covered, all by myself, but there was one thing that I hadn’t considered: It didn’t need to be so hard. Just because I can do it myself doesn’t mean that my vacation can’t start a little bit early and get some help along the way. I decided to give Dreams Unlimited Travel a shot and see what it was like, and let me tell you, I won’t go back.

Why This Disney Pro Still Books With Dreams Unlimited Travel brian-mcgowan-G3-g5VzFsvI-unsplash-2  Photo by <a href="https://unsplash.com/@sushioutlaw?utm_content=creditCopyText&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=unsplash">Brian McGowan</a> on <a href="https://unsplash.com/photos/brown-horse-standing-on-green-grass-field-during-daytime-G3-g5VzFsvI?utm_content=creditCopyText&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=unsplash">Unsplash</a>

Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

You might be thinking that all Disney travel agents are created equal, but they aren’t. My agent is a miracle worker, and every piece of communication we’ve shared has been a pleasure. When I presented her with an unusual situation that I wanted to accommodate, she sent me back all the options available across multiple resorts, freeing up my time from doing all the research to just making the decision. While I physically could do this myself, I had never before understood the value of my own time in not having to. It’s because I’ve been lucky enough to spend so much time at Disney that I didn’t need the thrill of every click and discovery; I just needed the data laid out so I could make a choice.

At one point, I was lucky enough to wake up to an email from my beloved agent informing me that while I slept, she had found me a better offer, and we were going to be saving twelve hundred dollars on our total. My thinking changed for good. How could I ever turn down someone who works to save me money on my Disney vacations without it costing me a dime? Could I have booked it myself online? Yes. Would I have found myself a better offer and saved $1,200 after the fact? Absolutely not. My agent even reminded me to make my park reservations. It seems I am usually too busy writing about things like that here at The DIS, I had neglected to do my own! Once again, she stepped in and saved me.

I look at it now in a completely different way. It’s not needing a travel agent; it’s more a matter of having the help, the backup, someone to watch out for you at each turn so that you don’t have to shoulder every shred of responsibility on your own. The experience was so freeing and allowed me to focus on the fun parts that I love. Of course, you don’t always save a substantial sum of money like that, but for me, knowing that if it’s out there to be had, my agent will get it for me, that’s enough.

Feature Image: Photo by Brian McGowan on Unsplash

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