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5 Essential Roles Your Group Disney World Trip Needs Now

5 Essential Roles Your Group Disney World Trip Needs Now walt-disney-world-239144_1280 Travel to Walt Disney World as a group.

Like the Seven Dwarves, we all have characteristics that we bring to the table during a group or family trip. Every Walt Disney World group trip has its unique features, regardless if you hit the parks monthly or every other year. To manage these changes and to march forth merrily if you’re traveling as a group, you need to understand those core characteristics and roles that need to be filled.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the four essential roles that need to be filled before you hit the parks again. It’s important to note, first, that more than one of these roles can be filled by a person but it’s still essential work. Okay, now let’s dive in!

1. The Planner

Yeah, we’re starting with the obvious, however, there can only be one! There might be other “natural” planners amongst the group, but there must be one to rule them all. You need someone to book dining reservations, plot out the ideal park days based on crowd calendars, dominate Genie+ to get those pesky Lightening Lanes booked, distribute packing checklists, and even develop alternative plans in case of rain, heat, surprise ride closures, or in-park bear sightings.

2. The Gopher

Who’s ready to run? Your group Gopher should have a keen sense of the parks, eagerness to test their speed while weaving around large groups, agility to dodge motorized scooters and strollers, and the desire to leap into action for the betterment of the group and go for supplies and refreshments at the drop of a hat. 

The group Gopher is essential because there will always be something needed during a Walt Disney World park visit and it’s better to have a designated person ready to spring into action.

3. The Tiebreaker

Disagreements happen while traveling to the Most Magical Place on Earth. Heck, they happen when traveling anywhere, but the pressure gets built up a little higher when you factor in the complexity of a Walt Disney World trip. Don’t know where to go for lunch? Can’t agree on which ride to spring for on Lightning Lane? Or, do you simply not agree on which is better, a Mickey Pretzel or a Dole Whip?

Instead of fighting, the Tiebreaker in the group will settle it with their deep wisdom and experience. You might not like it or agree with the outcome, but you will respect it. The Tiebreaker keeps the train moving and the group from descending into a state of squabbling that does nothing but eat into your character meet-and-greet time.

5 Essential Roles Your Group Disney World Trip Needs Now Magic-Kingdom-Map_Paper Someone has to let everyone know where the nearest restroom is and how to get there.

Someone has to let everyone know where the nearest restroom is and how to get there.

4. The Navigator

Do you have a natural compass for all things Magic Kingdom? Can you find your way through the greater Orlando area and to the beloved archway of Walt Disney World without the aid of your phone or GPS? You might be your group’s Navigator. 

You may inevitably travel with folks who are new to Walt Disney World. Or, you may be part of a group who have been to the parks before but can’t remember which side of EPCOT‘s World Showcase Mexico is on. To help steer your group as effectively and efficiently as possible, you need a Navigator to shepherd everyone along with the speed that reading a map just cannot offer.

5. The Spontaneous Spirit

You have your Planner in place. You have a roadmap of what you want to enjoy while out at the parks. You believe that ticking off your checklist will automatically lead to a memorable time. Well, the best group Disney trips have elements that aren’t 100% planned out. You need a Spontaneous Spirit to drag the group into new experiences. 

Maybe this means having a drum karaoke session at EPCOT’s Outpost between the Germany and China pavilions or pushing for an impromptu afternoon stop at the BaseLine Tap House for a little craft beer. No matter what, you need someone willing and able to push the group to do new things. 

Bonus: The Cheerleader

Sometimes you need a little encouragement and joy. Sometimes everyone is the Cheerleader. This is a bonus role because EVERYONE should try and tap into the Cheerleader role at least one time during their Walt Disney World trip. 

Things on your visit will not go as planned. It could rain. A ride could break down. The crowds start to push you into another level of discomfort. Or, you simply are facing an impending bout of afternoon park exhaustion. Dig deep and cheer on your group to remember you are in one of the most amazing places in the world. 

Everyone has a role to play in a group trip. Sometimes more than one. Walt Disney World is where many personalities can come together and flourish together. 

Which role do you most align with? Is there a big one missing? I’d love to hear what roles you’ve taken on for your group trips.

David Tubbs is a writer and communications professional from Canada who happens to love all things Disney. From first stepping onto the monorail at the age of 3 to traveling with his wife and two small boys, David continues to love talking and planning about his next trip to Walt Disney World.


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