8 Summer Hacks to Survive the Heat in Walt Disney World

8 Summer Hacks to Survive the Heat in Walt Disney World kaleb-tapp-Gndv5HXsx28-unsplash 2 Large

My friends on the ground in Walt Disney World tell me that it’s getting hot down there, and in some places, it feels worse than in other years. I thought now might be a good time to offer a few tricks to keep cool during the hot and sticky season while visiting the Disney theme parks.

Try a Portable Misting Fan

When we pack our backpacks for the Disney Parks, most of us are trying to downsize the amount of stuff we take with us. Heavy bags don’t mix with summer days in the parks. However, there are a few items that you might overlook as excessive, and they can really help you make the most out of your vacation investment, like a portable misting fan. I recently got on board the portable fan train, and now I won’t ever go back. Fans can not only keep you more comfortable, but they can also help soothe overwhelmed kids, help settle anxiety, and improve the symptoms of heat exhaustion. Adding a misting function to that is a game-changer, especially when spending long periods of time in those uncovered outdoor queueing areas!

Pack a Frozen Drink Bottle

Even though you can get free ice water at quick-service dining locations in Walt Disney World, it isn’t always the most convenient way. I like to freeze a water bottle or two and take them with us, drinking the cold water as it starts to melt and refilling it for long-lasting and refreshing hydration. As much as I love the free water set up at Disney, standing outside a quick service location isn’t usually when I feel I need it the most. It’s those long wait times that have you reaching for hydration, and it’s nice to have something refreshing on hand.

Save Indoor Queuing Areas for the Middle of the Day

When organizing your day, if you have a few attractions that fall into the same category of rides, those are going to be the worst for lining up for. Outdoor queues that aren’t sheltered from the sun can take their toll and should be avoided during the peak heat times of the day. If some of the rides with outdoor-only lines are on your must-do list, leave them until later in the day when everyone else is enjoying a parade or evening meal so that you don’t overexpose yourself to the elements. Some simple rearranging in your day plan might make all the difference.

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Ice That Morning Coffee

If you are part of the morning coffee club, then this one is for you. You might think that your morning cup of Joe is harmless; you aren’t hot yet, so it won’t make any difference. Well, yes and no. In the summer heat, once your body starts to feel really hot, it’s a feeling that can be hard to shake, and you might be surprised at the difference little adjustments can make. Try ordering that caffeine hit iced rather than hot and start your day with a refreshing, cool beverage that won’t have your insides warming up prematurely.

Choose Your Fabric Carefully

Not all fabrics are created equal, and the clothes you wear to Disney Parks might be making your heat struggles even harder! Dressing for the day can be hard, but sometimes you can have a cooler morning and evening that bookend the hottest days of the year. Dressing for the occasion is all in the light layers you select and the materials they are made from. Cotton is commonly the most breathable fabric in the average wardrobe, and paired up with lighter colors, you will be much more comfortable than any of the darker polyester and acrylic options you might have been considering.

Trade-in Your Table Service Dinner for Table Service Lunch

While I am not usually a fan of wasting park time with a table service meal, in the summertime, it can be a very useful tool to take a break from the heat and relax in the air conditioning. If you are booking a table service dining experience anyway, I suggest moving it from dinner to lunch; that way, you can enjoy your sit-down time when you need it most and take a break from the heat! Once the sun starts to set and everyone else is enjoying their dinner service, you can be re-energized, waiting for those more popular attractions out of the sun.

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Add Wet Face Washcloths to Your Fridge or Freezer

Anywhere I go in warmer weather, I use this next trick every time. Grab some of the face washcloths from the bathroom and wet them thoroughly in the sink. I like to then roll them gently to keep them in a nice shape before lining up a few side by side in a zip lock bag. If you don’t have a bag, try the plastic bag they give you for the ice bucket; that usually works, too! Then, add your face washcloths to the fridge on the coldest setting or, even better, the freezer. When you come back to your resort room after a long, hot morning of rides, these are a dream to pull out and quickly cool everyone down, wiping off your face and neck. Re-wet the towels and pop them back in for the next time you come back. This is especially useful with my next tip.

Don’t Over-Do the Air Conditioner

I know what you’re thinking. The number one way that most people recommend cooling down is to find air conditioning. Now, I don’t disagree; if you need a fast reset or start to feel unwell, ducking into the air conditioning is heavenly. However, anyone who has experienced extreme heat knows that the hard part is going back out into the elements. Setting your resort room air conditioning too low can make it extra hard to leave the room, where you almost feel like you are walking into a sauna every time you leave. It’s setting yourself up for a bigger change and the uncomfortable feeling that comes with it. Try to find the line between a cooler room environment that isn’t an arctic freeze compared to outside but is still refreshing, using other methods to cool down in those first moments when you walk in the door. Like the frozen washcloth trick!

Another tip you might frequently hear is to take breaks and return to your resort room during the day for a swim and a bit of time out. However, this one has always been an issue for me. Coming from Australia, I want to make the most of my time in the parks, and returning to your resort, unless in Disneyland, can be time-consuming and leave you missing out.

If you’ve got any other tips to help our Disney friends get through the heat in Walt Disney World this summer, add them to the comments below!

Feature Image: Photo by kaleb tapp on Unsplash

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