A Look at the Entrance of Epcot with the Monoliths Partially Removed

Epcot is in the process of undergoing a massive transformation and one of the more noticeable projects going on at the moment is the removal of the giant monoliths that have taken up the majority of the area where guests enter the park. epcot-spaceship-earth-sans-monoliths-07 Take a look below at some shots from June 19, 2019, where you'll see that half of the monoliths are now gone and the area is completely flat. epcot-spaceship-earth-sans-monoliths-02 epcot-spaceship-earth-sans-monoliths-04 epcot-spaceship-earth-sans-monoliths-06 epcot-spaceship-earth-sans-monoliths In the image below, you can see the monoliths that remain inside the theme park. The Leave A Legacy monoliths are all going to be moved into a new setting located just outside the park’s gateway. epcot-spaceship-earth-sans-monoliths-08

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