Allergy-Friendly Quick Service Locations at Animal Kingdom

Allergy-Friendly Quick Service Locations at Animal Kingdom The DIS allergy friendly DAK featured

Recently, it’s been confirmed that I can no longer consume dairy due to my developed sensitivity. This new restriction has made it way harder to eat at Walt Disney World, so my goal is to find the best allergy-friendly options at each park. Today we will be exploring the options at Animal Kingdom.

Allergy-Friendly Quick Service Locations at Animal Kingdom The DIS allergy friendly DAK 2
<em>Satuli Canteen <em>

Each quick-service location has an allergy-friendly menu in the My Disney Experience app with sections labeled fish/shellfish allergy, gluten/wheat allergy, egg allergy, milk allergy, and peanut/tree nut allergy. I want to start with Pizzafari because I enjoy this location, unlike most people. The kitchen has an allergy-friendly crust and uses allergy-friendly cheese for the pizzas. The Green and Grains Salad is a plant-based option that is allergy-friendly without any modifications. Not too far away is Satu’li Canteen, the best quick-service at Animal Kingdom. I think Satu’li Canteen is the best location for people with allergies because the modifications are based on how you build your bowl. For dairy allergies, it’s essential to avoid any creamy sauce like the creamy herb sauce. They also have a plant-based option on the menu which is a safe option for dairy allergies. The plant-based option is the Chili-Spiced Cripsy Fried Tofu Bowl served with your choice of base and sauce. I suggest the Red and Sweet Potato Hash, the Noodles, or the Hearty Salad for the base of the bowl. The noodles are my favorite.

Allergy-Friendly Quick Service Locations at Animal Kingdom The DIS allergy friendly DAK  Harambe Market
<em>Harambe Market<em>

Harambe Market is nestled near the train tracks and has a plant-based option and an allergy-friendly menu. The Harambe Salad, for example, isn’t allergy-friendly and doesn’t have an alternative listed in the allergy-friendly section. However, the Rib and Chicken bowl does have an allergy-friendly alternative listed. To find the different allergy-friendly options when mobile ordering, look for the triangle icon, and it will take you to the allergy-friendly section of the menu. The plant-based option here is the Hot Link Bowl which has plant-based “Sauage” with cilantro rice and mixed greens topped with salsa.

Allergy-Friendly Quick Service Locations at Animal Kingdom The DIS allergy friendly menu  Allergy-friendly Section of Menu
<em>Allergy Friendly Section of Menu<em>

Restaurantosaurus is the land of theme park burgers. They have gluten-free burger buns and gluten allergy-friendly chicken strips for those with gluten allergies. For dairy allergies, they will avoid putting cheese on the burgers. They also have milk allergy-friendly chicken strips. The plant-based option Restaurantosaurus offers is the Impossible Spicy Southwestern Burger topped with “Pepper Jack” cheese which does not contain dairy.

Allergy-Friendly Quick Service Locations at Animal Kingdom The DIS allerggy friendly dak 3  Plant-Based Option at Flame Tree Barbecue
<em>Plant Based Option at Flame Tree Barbecue <em>

Last but not least is Flame Tree Barbecue. The most significant modification here for those with dairy allergies is to swap out the coleslaw side that comes with each meal. They note that the side is changed to baked beans and fresh fruit for those with dairy allergies. The Macaroni and Cheese dish is definitely off the table for those allergic to dairy and gluten. They have gluten-free buns for the pulled pork sandwich, a staple at this quick-service location. Unfortunately, the walk-up windows throughout the park don’t have any allergy-specific menus. In cases like that, it’s imperative to ask questions to make sure the food you get is safe for you to eat.

Where do you like to eat at Animal Kingdom? Let us know in the comments.

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