Disney Animal World Subscription Book Series – A Gateway to Animal Kingdom at Disney World

There are two things I love. The first is Disney. The second is animals. So it comes as no surprise that Animal Kingdom ranks pretty high on my list of favourite places. My little boy seems to follow this interest in animals, so when I came across this amazing book series for small children called “Disney Animal World” that combined my two favourite things, I knew I had to sign up. It seemed a great way to educate him about many different animals, but with a fun playful approach. I hoped that it would be a great lead up to our next visit to Animal Kingdom and perhaps help him enjoy his experiences at that park even more.

So first of all, let me tell you a few things about this subscription series. Once you sign up, you will receive a delivery every 4 weeks which includes a set of four books, each with their own toys. These toys will be different each time and will match the theme of each specific book.  The toys will include the collectible Disney characters (all in their safari gear!), safari animals and objects for play like parts of a fence or log set. Additionally, if you pay a small premium, you will also receive additional gifts that will enhance the play and learning experience. The books are distributed by an external company called Eaglemoss.

2017-03-27 15.52.25

Each book is individually packaged to include the themed toys.

Each Book has the following sections:

2017-04-16 16.11.19

  • Safari Adventure – A “safari adventure” story featuring Mickey and pals, along with the named theme animal for that specific book, playing the central character.
  • All About – In this section you learn about the same themed animal (which is also the toy you would have received with the book), and how they live in the wild. For example, in Book 2 the central themed character was the African Elephant.
  • Animal Planet – Moving on to other animals around the planet, this section takes two more animals from different parts of the planet and explains interesting facts about them, including their habitats, their favourite foods, and where they are from. For example in Book 8 we learn about Sea Cows and Clownfish.
  • Nature Watch – This explains more facts about nature, and how certain wildlife survive within it. In Book 9 it talks about the animals that use the skill of flying. In Book 14 it is all about the types of animals that survive and live on mountainous regions of the planet.
  • Search & Find – Is a puzzle depicting a scene in nature with certain animals hidden within it. The object of the puzzle is to find those hidden animals! It is certainly a good way of encouraging observation skills.
  • Bedtime Story – Finally each book ends with another story, with our favourite ducks Daisy or Donald, giving their nephews a good night story.

2017-04-16 16.07.00

2017-04-16 16.09.28

The search and find section.

So for my thoughts …. (and more importantly – a three year olds take on it!)

  1. He seems to enjoy receiving his box once a month and is always eager to see what has come. He especially likes finding out which toys have arrived to add to his safari collection!
  2. The books themselves usually make up part of his bed time routine, which he seems to really enjoy. His favourite is probably the search and find puzzle, which he will stare at until all the animals have been spotted!
  3. He always seems interested in learning about the different animals, which covers all species. However, the animal he takes the most interest in will be the one he has been sent as part of his toy collection .
  4. The information is also relatively basic which is a suitable learning level for this age group.
  5. Finally, books aside, the Disney figures, along with the growing collection of safari animals and play sets,  get played with constantly. To him it is playful and fun. However it is a great way for him to use his imaginative skills.
  6. The books also highlights the conservation aspect for all our animals on this planet and I think it is great to teach, even small children, the continued need for it.

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The Safari Toy collections received to date – This includes the large play mat (pictured), all the safari animals (pictured), the Disney characters (pictured), safari logs, fence sections, and more accessories. A storage box to house all the books has also been received (not pictured). The tree/bridge is part of a larger playset that you receive in stages, to eventually build to make a large safari playset. The safari play set is part of the extra toys you receive if you pay a premium.

The final verdict …

I feel that this is a great option for pre-school children that will help them to learn about animals all over our planet. As a Disney fan, I also love that it is a way of keeping a little bit of Disney in their daily lives! As I said at the outset, my boy already has a love of animals and I hope this book series will make him develop that interest. I also hope it helps him enjoy his next visit to Animal Kingdom even more, because he will have learnt about many of the animals that the Animal Kingom park is home to.

One thing I must highlight, and the only negative, is the cost. It is definitely on the expensive side.  For current subscription pricing, I have included the links below for both the US and the UK.  Please note this is only for your information and I have no affiliation with either the company Eaglemoss or Disney

If you are in the US, you can find more information regarding the subscription and current pricing in Dollars here.

If you are in the UK and Ireland,  you can find more information regarding the subscription and current pricing in Sterling here.

However, even with this small negative, I still feel it is worth it for what you receive. It is a fun way for children to learn about our animal world and it will hopefully help them to enjoy their next visit to Animal Kingdom even more, because they will have a much greater knowledge and awareness of the animals that call it home. They will also learn that conservation is a major part of Animal Kingdom. So if you have young children who have an interest in both animals and Disney, then I would encourage you to check it out.

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