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Disney Parks Expert: The Prayer Flags of Animal Kingdom

Disney Parks Expert: The Prayer Flags Of Animal Kingdom expedition-everest

When you are the resident Disney Parks expert in your friend and family group, you might be asked the simplest of questions repeatedly. “Is Genie+ worth the money?” or “How many days should I spend in Magic Kingdom?” You can likely rattle off an answer to these two easy ones with robotic-like precision. However, occasionally, you might be stumped with a question you wish you effortlessly knew the answer to but don’t. Our new Disney Parks Expert series will help you round out your Disney knowledge by filling in the gaps with the details you never realized you didn’t know. Here, for our first lesson, we are taking you inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Have you ever wondered about the origin of the colorful flags draped throughout the Expedition Everest area?

These beautiful colored flags are not just for decoration. In true Disney style, the history behind this is rich and elaborate in a way that Joe Rhode is famous for incorporating into the park design. The area of the park where you will find this decorative accent is entitled Asia, with most of its ambiance provided by the nearby attraction Expedition Everest. The ride was heavily influenced by the rocky peaks of the northwest face of Mount Everest, and its surroundings were inspired by the geological elements found in Tibet and Nepal.

Disney Parks Expert: The Prayer Flags Of Animal Kingdom asia-DAK-wdw (20)

In line with the culture found in these two locations, Prayer Flags feature heavily in the area. These colorful, rectangular cloth flags are made in Nepal, traditionally in five colors representing a different element. White symbolizes air. Red represents fire. Green portrays water. Yellow stands for the earth, and blue is the symbol for wind. All five together signify balance. They are said to promote peace, goodwill, and compassion as they blow in the wind.

The sentiment of that tradition gets me—a simple and beautiful well-wishing of goodness to those around you. The best part is that by all accounts, you don’t need to be Tibetan to hang prayer flags, so if you feel like finding some of these for your home, you can hang them up with good intentions and positive vibes leading the way.

Add this little piece of Disney Parks Expert knowledge to your mental library, and be sure to share your wisdom with friends and family the next time you are exploring this stunning area of Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Zoë Wood is a travel writer from Sydney, Australia. Since her first visit to Disneyland at the age of 6, she has spent her years frequently visiting Disney Parks and traveling around the world.

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