Best & Worst – 10 Worst Guests at Disney Parks

Over a year ago Pete Werner and I discussed the 5 worst types of guests that visit Walt Disney World. We create some fun names for these types of people, and because it was so enjoyable putting that list together the first time I figured I’d expand on that topic. Here are the five types of guests that we listed last year:

  1. Flashers – Guests Who Take Flash Photography on Dark Rides
  2. Steam Strollers – Guests Who Use Their Strollers as a Battering Ram
  3. Parade Douches – Guests Who Jump Front of Your Right Before the Parade Starts
  4. Row Hogs – Guests Who Stop in the Center of the Row
  5. Line Cutters – Guests Who Cut the Line

Expanding on our list from a year ago here are five more horrible types of guests that visit Walt Disney World:

6. Stinkers – Guests Who Smell

It seems as if some guests at the Disney Parks haven’t learned what deodorant is. It can get really hot and humid in central Florida, so it is important to practice good hygiene. While vacationing at Disney, showering as often as possible, and packing extra deodorant or fragrances is important especially if you feel you are prone to producing offensive body odor. Waiting in line can force you to stand side by side with strangers for an hour or more with no place to escape unless you get out of line completely. Subjecting other people to your own stench is gross and unfair. This also applies to bad breath. A breath mint can go a long way. Also, if you notice a family member or friend has bad breath drop them a hint because they’d likely be more embarrassed to find out later in the night than by you discretely letting them know as soon as possible.


7. Screamers – Guests Who Are Obnoxiously Loud in Restaurants or on the Rides

You may feel at home at Walt Disney World, but it isn’t your living room. Shouting at family and friends from the opposite side of a restaurant, or while you’re on a ride will ruin the experience for everyone else. Obviously screaming on a thrill ride is completely acceptable, but shouting in the middle of “it’s a small world”, The Seas with Nemo & Friends, or any other tame ride is uncalled for. Talking at an appropriate volume should be an easy task, but it surprisingly doesn’t come easily to some guests. Other guests shouldn’t be able to hear your conversation two tables away better than they can hear the person sitting right next to them.


8. Litterbugs – Guests Who Leave Their Trash Behind

It aggravates me every time I see guests walk away with their trash littered all over the table they were sitting at. Common decency says that you should pick up after yourself. The high cost of Walt Disney World doesn’t entitle you to leave your trash for other guests or cast members to deal with.

Walt Disney wanted his theme parks to be clean, and so it was important to him that there was an abundance of garbage cans, so that guests wouldn’t give up looking for one and just throw their trash on the ground. So, there is no excuse there are garbage cans all over the place!

9. Whiners – Guests Who Complain the Entire Trip

A trip to the Disney Parks should be a magical vacation for everyone, but if it isn’t a magical experience for you then please don’t bring down everyone else. The guest that finds a way to complain about everything can become a real drag. Everything is expensive, it is hot outside, and all your favorite attractions have long lines, but we don’t need to be reminded about it every 5 minutes. A lot of time, money, and energy has been put into your Disney vacation, and complaining about everything isn’t going to help.


10. The Selfish Jerk – Guests Who Only Do What They Want To Do

Traveling as a family or in a large group can sometimes be a challenge when everyone has set different expectations for what their Disney vacation will look like. This means there is some compromising that must be done to fulfill the needs of everyone. If one person is self-centered, and will only ride they attractions they want to go on or eat at the restaurants that they personally picked out, it instantly can throw this balancing act out the window. While that one person gets to have the vacation of a lifetime everyone else is left feeling frustrated and annoyed. You could decide to leave this person behind, and meet up with them later in the day, but then you can be made to feel like the bad guy for deserting them.

Stephen "Steve" Porter started going to the parks with his family in 1996. Since then he hasn't looked back! Steve was a cast member participating in the Disney College Program in 2013. Most recently he graduated from Penn State University!


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