Did You Use Your Walt Disney World Resort Pool in January?

Did You Use Your Walt Disney World Resort Pool in January? akl-jambo-house-pool

The following summary encapsulates key insights from a DISboards.com discussion thread, crafted through AI analysis. The information presented is based on the contributions of forum members, offering a perspective that reflects their individual opinions and experiences.

Key Takeaway

The consensus among DISboards.com forum members is mixed regarding the use of resort pools in January at Disney World. Some find the heated pools comfortable, while others feel it’s too cold despite the heating. Weather predictions and personal preferences play a significant role in deciding whether to swim during this time.


  • User Concern: The original poster is unsure whether to plan for pool time at a Disney resort in January, questioning if the pools are adequately heated.
  • Mixed Responses: Forum members provide varied experiences, with some indicating they used the pools in January, appreciating the heated water and lower crowd levels.
  • Temperature Impact: Members mention that even with heated pools, the air temperature can make swimming uncomfortable. The preference for pool use seems to depend on individual tolerance for colder weather.
  • Weather Predictions: Some members discuss checking weather forecasts for January to gauge whether it’s suitable for pool activities, while others express skepticism about the accuracy of long-term forecasts.
  • Regional Differences: Members from colder regions, such as Buffalo, NY, express a strong willingness to use the pool in January, regardless of the temperature, while others from warmer climates may find it less appealing.
  • Crowd Levels: Some members appreciate the lower crowd levels in January, making it an attractive time to enjoy the pools without the usual congestion.
  • Concerns About Weather Changes: There’s an acknowledgment that weather conditions in January can be unpredictable, and plans to use the pool might be influenced by specific days of warmer weather.
  • El Niño Impact: One member speculates about the impact of an El Niño winter, suggesting it might be colder and wetter.

In summary, the decision to use resort pools in January at Walt Disney World is subjective and influenced by individual preferences, weather conditions, and regional background.


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