New Resort Rapid Fill mugs available at Walt Disney World Resorts

It’s that time of the year when Walt Disney World releases a new version of their Rapid Fill Resort Drink Mug. I went to several resorts to view the new mugs. Beware there is still plenty of the old stock in many of the resorts. If you want to purchase one of the new mugs look carefully at the design.

Old Mug


New Mug


 Back of new mug

002At this time the only colors I saw in the new design were red and blue. Typically they have red, blue, purple, green. As the current stock runs out we may see more color choices. Notice the resort names of the side of the mug. The names will be the same no matter what WDW resort you are staying at. I can remember the days when the resort mugs were specific to the WDW resort you were staying at. We bought the mug also as a souvenir to remember the fun times we had on vacation.

Once  you decide on the colors you would like you will need to have the mug activated before you can use it. The cashier will activate them for you.


The cost of the mug seems to increase yearly. If you have one of the Disney Dining Plans, the cost of the mug is included in your package. If you don’t have a Dining Plan expect to pay $16.99 before tax per person for a mug. I used to be a big fan of the refillable mugs but I think they have reached the point that they are too expensive. The mug doesn’t hold a lot of soda and unless you are close to the food court or a refill station I don’t think they are worth the money anymore. If  you take Disney’s Magical Express and you have no way to stock up on some soda, or make coffee in your room, you may decide the mugs work for your trip. If you can get to a grocery store near Walt Disney World or one of the on-property gas stations you may find it more convenient to just bring your own drinks with you.

There is no discount if you bring back a mug from a previous stay to use again.


Once the mug has been activated you can fill your mug. There is a little screen above the beverage choices that tell you how many days you have left on your mug.


What do you think about the refillable mugs at the Walt Disney World Resorts? Are they worth it for your trip? Tell us in the comments below.

‘Til next time, See you in the parks!

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