RUMOR: Is a Major Tony’s Town Square Restaurant Refurbishment on the Horizon?

While I've eaten at Tony's Town Square Restaurant three or four times and have never had a bad meal there, I hear so many complaints from people all over who have an immense dislike for not only one or two of their menu items, but for everything served there. This restaurant is located in an absolutely prime location; just as you enter Magic Kingdom Park right on Main Street, U.S.A. It's being reported over on the Rumors and News forum on that Tony's has plenty of available reservations until mid-April, but then no availability at all until mid-July making folks wonder if they are finally going to make some changes there. While I'm hoping that they don't change the theming of the restaurant, most people are hoping for some major changes to the menu. If you've never stepped inside of Tony's, here is an overview video that shows you how fun the restaurant is on the inside. The Lady and the Tramp theme is so perfect for this location, in my opinion.
What major changes would you like to see at Tony's? Let us know in the comments or join the discussion on the boards.

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