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Disney Community Rallies In The Wake of One Family’s Tragedy

Disney Comunity Rallies In The Wake of One Family's Tragedy Disney Community Rallies

It’s been a dismal few weeks in Disney news; with each day tainted by legal battles and politics, it can be hard to see the magic through all the arguing. But there is one thing that most Disney fans can agree on, the heart of the Disney community lies in connection and goodwill. That’s what I found over the weekend when I was reading through the Disboards on Facebook. I came across a post by Faith Fowler with a story that truly touched my heart.

Faith and her daughter Lilly had recently been through a very difficult time. A tragic house fire had resulted in them losing everything, including Lilly’s prized collection of Disney items. Everything from pins to pennies was lost in the fire, leaving the pair devasted in the wake of such a horrible situation. What happened next was truly amazing.

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Faith Fowler – Facebook

One aspect of their loss that was especially hard for Lilly was accepting that her collection of Disney Ear Headbands was gone. A girl after my own heart, many of you know that my ears are my favorite part of my own Disney collection. I instantly had a stomach in knots.

The next part of Faith’s story was the perfect reminder of what the Disney community is all about. An online community rallied together, working hard to repopulate Lilly’s collection of Disney items. Before long, ears and other items began arriving from strangers who had heard their story and wanted to help.

One particular member of the Disney family, Jason Redd, went the extra mile (or a hundred) traveling to meet Lilly and Faith so that he could hand deliver his contribution. Mr. Redd maintains that he is no hero, though his peers feel differently, with many of them singing his praises for his effort and interest.

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Faith Fowler – Facebook

I just wanted to get on here and share some Disney magic that happened to my daughter and I.

I have not been able to stop crying over this , but to make a long depressing story short, me and my daughter Lilly just went through a pretty tragic house fire. We lost EVERYTHING. Anybody that knows us knows how much we love Disney, my kiddo collects anything she can that’s Disney, ears, pins, Pennies, ANYTHING. we are completely devastated over everything we lost but Lilly especially over her ears . This AMAZING man and so many other people has brought the disney magic to us! Complete strangers we did not know sent my daughter SO MANY EARS!! How amazing is this?!? This man drove two hours out of his way to surprise my baby!! This is something we will NEVER forget! We have been to Disney several times but NOTHING will ever compare to this type of Disney magic. I am so blown away!

Faith Fowler’s Facbook Post.
Disney Comunity Rallies In The Wake of One Family's Tragedy 344754507_266376582497761_4096229888333826212_n

Faith Fowler – Facebook

Besides putting a smile on this gorgeous young lady’s face, the best part about this story is its message about the Disney community. Though the current climate might be clouded with politics and arguments, when push comes to shove, Disney fans are a group that can push all that aside and comes together for the greater good. It’s a sentiment synonymous with Disney Storytelling that is evident right here in this situation. A mother and daughter who have gone through the unthinkable and lost everything, lifted by the kindness of strangers; that’s what this life is all about.

This story and these images have been shared with express permission from those involved. A special thank you to Faith, the incredible mother of Lilly, who was kind enough to take the time to chat with me.

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