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What’s Your Ultimate Indulgent Disney Springs Snack?

What's Your Ultimate Indulgent Disney Springs Snack? Disney Springs Snacks

For those who have been a part of our DIS Community for a while now, you will know that we all love a good Disney snack. From the DIS Unlimited team to our content team here on The DIS, we’ve all got our favorites. After years of enjoying all of the available staple snacks and limited-edition special offers, choosing a favorite is hard. Some of us are lucky enough to gravitate towards something that is readily available. However, the more unfortunate ones might fall in love with that elusive limited-time deliciousness that will only live on in their dreams.

Recently, I’ve become obsessed with Gideon’s Bakehouse. While my in-park go-to is well known to be the classic churro, my downtime snack-of-choice has often shifted between a few of my top favorites. I’m not terribly fond of many sweets, instead preferring to spend those calories on an evening cocktail, but there is one location in Disney Springs that seems to always strike my fancy. Partly because of the wildly indulgent and unique menu offerings and partly because of its alternative, immersive experience, which is quite extraordinary in a regular retail environment. It’s Gideon’s Bakehouse, and as I was salivating over their menu for an upcoming visit, I began to realize that I might have finally found my forever snack stop in Walt Disney World.

Before I am ready to stamp this one in, I feel I need to do a bit of final research. Snack research; I mean, it’s only fair to make sure you’ve sampled the competition, right? But I need your help. I’m looking for your ultimate recommendations for that special treat you can’t wait to enjoy in Disney Springs. What is your ultimate indulgent Disney Springs snack?

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