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Fabulous (and Delicious!) Finds at the 2022 Flower and Garden Festival

Fabulous (and Delicious!) Finds at the 2022 Flower and Garden Festival BelleTopiary1

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Every Spring, Epcot blooms with beautiful topiaries, blossoms, and bountiful cuisine during the Flower and Garden Festival. Exploring the festival by itself is delightful but walking around a beautified World Showcase on a culinary journey is even more wonderful! These are some of my favorites I’ve sampled this year.

Frushi at Hanami

The famed frushi is timelessly unique and delicious. This masterpiece of sweet rice, pineapple, melon, and strawberry enrobed in pink soy wrap drizzled with raspberry syrup is my standby favorite. Top it with a dollop of whipped cream and you’ve got the perfect sushi for children and adults alike who would never consider ordering seafood. This treat consistently attracts my taste buds because it is a light dessert that can always satisfy my sweet tooth.

Fabulous (and Delicious!) Finds at the 2022 Flower and Garden Festival frushi1

Impossible Korean Short Ribs at Trowel and Trellis

This is my favorite savory menu item I’ve tried at any festival! While it’s plant-based, this dish tasted like true meat. The “short ribs” were covered with a slightly spicy barbeque sauce and drizzled with Kimchee mayonnaise. I was worried the kimchee would be overpowering, but it complemented the barbeque sauce well. As if the impossible meat needed more deliciousness, it was served with cilantro lime rice, which wasn’t too offensive for declared cilantro opponents, and pickled vegetables that were a little too sour; however, this did not detract from the dish. My only problem was a large hunk of baby bok choi that was almost impossible (get it?) to chew. Notwithstanding, this dish comes with an impressive amount of tasty food, making it splendid to share or enjoy as an individual meal. I cannot wait to order it again!

Fabulous (and Delicious!) Finds at the 2022 Flower and Garden Festival impossible1

Strawberry Mousse at Flavor Full Kitchen

I’d been curious about this dessert for years, but I’d never tried it until this year, and now that I have, I wish I had ordered it before because it is superb! The mousse itself is luxuriously fluffy and filled with miniature chocolate chips. Like frushi, it is a welcome departure from the typical chocolate cake with raspberries that can be found at virtually any festival (not to diss this classic dessert, I hardly turn down chocolate cake!). This treat is a fun twist on a chocolate-covered strawberry.

Fabulous (and Delicious!) Finds at the 2022 Flower and Garden Festival strawberrymousse1

Orange-Lemon Smoothie at The Citrus Blossom

As wonderful as a day at the Flower and Garden Festival is, it can be difficult to escape the “scorching rays of the relentless sun” while walking endless loops around World Showcase. Luckily, there are many refreshing drinks scattered throughout the Flower and Garden booths. My favorite is the orange-lemon smoothie, which is served in the ubiquitous but adorable Orange Bird sippers. Guests can also ask for this beverage without the elaborate sipper and $14 price tag. The smoothie’s poignant citrus flavors couple sweet with sour to create an irresistibly cool sip.

Fabulous (and Delicious!) Finds at the 2022 Flower and Garden Festival OrangeLemonSmoothie1

Egg and Cheese Arepa with Dulce de Leche Cocoa Coffee at La Isla Fresca

As an Encanto fan, I was excited to sample Colombian-inspired snacks from La Isla Fresca. I decided to try the Egg and Cheese Arepa, which is available from park open until 10:30am. Although the arepa was nothing spectacular, I enjoyed it. The bread was soft, and the ingredients were fresh. This was a basic dish, but sometimes nothing satisfies quite like simple breakfast fare. While we’re here at La Isla Fresca, I feel obligated to mention the Dulce de Leche Cocoa Coffee, a delectable morning beverage that pairs wonderfully with a savory arepa. Even though this is a steaming drink, after it cools the bitter-turned-sweet taste is worth the wait.

Fabulous (and Delicious!) Finds at the 2022 Flower and Garden Festival arepa1

While I would recommend any item on this list, there is a plethora of other delicious options to explore at the Flower and Garden Festival. Happy eating!

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