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Getting the Best Photo from a Character Meet & Greet

It’s a moment that can capture a memory forever, but how do you make sure you get the best photograph from a character meet? You’ve been standing in line for a while, but your actual moment may only be a few seconds to grab that valuable picture. I don’t think the best photographs are the ones where you pose with characters, but Disney Photopass photographers can still capture priceless images. So I wanted to share with you what I call “The 3 P’s” — prepare, patience and props!

Prepare –

You know you’re heading into the parks, and there’s a good chance you’ll know who you want to meet, so plan for it. Going to try and get a pic with Donald Duck? Then wear your Donald t-shirt, make sure he sees it, and he’ll go crazy (he also reacts well to Mickey t-shirts). What is your favorite character famous for? Have a think rather than just turning up, posing for a photo and going. Prepare to bounce with Tigger, tickle Pluto on the nose, ask Mary Poppins if you look OK before you get into your pose.

Patience –

Wait! Make sure the family ahead of you have cleared the area before going in to say hello to your favorite character. If the Photopass photographer is busy scanning their MagicBand, they’ll miss that photo opportunity of your first big hug.

Props –

It’s easy with kids, you’ll get a photo of them having their autograph book signed or getting a high-5, but as an adult there are some great opportunities. Most characters are in their own settings, so use it. I recently asked Daisy Duck at Magic Kingdom to tell my fortune. Grab a selfie! Although the best picture won’t be the selfie, but the photo of you taking the selfie. Don’t just react to the character, react to their surroundings. The best pictures are the ones you don’t know are being taken. Have fun, and let the professionals snap away!

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