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How to Become an Honorary Disney Historian

How to Become an Honorary Disney Historian Hollywood Studios sign Hollywood Studios sign

Are you always spurting Disney facts to your family? Are you bursting with pointless trivia about Mickey Mouse? Or maybe you want to improve your Disney knowledge to impress your friends. If this is you, then you might be interested in becoming an Honorary Disney Historian to add something a little different to your next visit to Hollywood Studios.

At Walt Disney Presents (formally known as One Man’s Dream) in Hollywood Studios, there is a little secret challenge that the whole family can participate in for free as you walk through this attraction. For those who don’t know, Walt Disney Presents is a little museum all about Walt and the parks, and is a must-do for any Disney fan. It has some really cool pieces of memorabilia and scale models of various attractions and lands. It’s definitely worth a look around, but if reading boards in a museum is not really your thing, then becoming a Disney Historian could be good for you to spice up this attraction.

Getting Started

First off, you need to speak to the cast member that stands at the front of the attraction. Just ask if you can become a Disney Historian and they’ll give you a three question quiz. If there’s multiple people in your group who all want the highly coveted title of Disney Historian, then there’s lots of quiz variations with different questions. So you can’t cheat and copy your friend’s answers!

All the answers can be found in Walt Disney Presents (if you don’t know the answers already) so it encourages you to interact with the attraction and find out some fun information on your way round.

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Completing the Quiz

Once you’re confident you have all the correct answers, go see a cast member at the entrance to the movie theater at the end of the museum. They will then verify your answers, and if you’ve got them all correct, you’ll be awarded with a Magical Moment certificate to show your achievement. It’s a great keepsake to remind you of your vacation and perfect for a memory box or scrapbook.

But that’s not all, you also get to sign in a big book full of other people who have completed the quiz where you can do a little doodle and say where you’re from. This is a nice touch, as you’ll now forever and always be an Honorary Disney Historian.

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I think this is a great way to get kids involved in what could be a little mundane walk-through attraction in a theme park full of thrilling rides and shows. It encourages you to learn about the history of Walt Disney, the film studios and the parks, and you get a little reward for your efforts. So put your history hat on and get down to Walt Disney Presents.

I’m an avid Disney fan and film studies graduate from the United Kingdom who will talk Disney all day. It was my dream to one day work in Walt Disney World and I was lucky enough to make this a reality by participating on the International College Program in 2017. I can safely say it was the best experience ever! My goal in life is to visit each Disney park across the world and I now spend my days planning vacations to get back to the magic at every possible opportunity — who doesn’t love a good Disney planning spreadsheet?!


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