Is a Pared Down Walt Disney World Vacation Worth It?

Is a Pared Down Walt Disney World Vacation Worth It? magic-kingdom - 1

Right now, complaints about the Walt Disney World reopening plans are abundant. Some people complain they don’t want to wear masks. They won’t want to pay full price for a ticket when parts of the parks are closed. They are mad that the live shows, fireworks, and parades are cancelled. Ironically, many were also mad the reservation system to go to the parks with all of these restrictions and closures was so overwhelmed the first few days that they didn’t get what they wanted. 

Admittedly, I had some of the same complaints. Why would I spend the large amount of money for a Walt Disney World vacation to get a partial experience? But what if that thinking is all wrong? What if a pared down experience would prove to be one of our best Disney vacations?

Here are some reasons why going to Disney World when it reopens may pay off. 

Shorter Lines

The number one perk of going at this time, we can only assume, would be shorter lines due to the limited capacity. Though we don’t know the exact number of people Disney is letting in, we know it will be limited. Between this and not having to rush off to get a spot for the fireworks or parade, you should be able to make it on all the rides you want and maybe multiple times for some rides.

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Better Photos

With smaller crowds at the park surrounding you, it may be the best opportunity to get that perfect castle shot or whatever photo you’ve been wanting. You’ll have a chance to get many Instagram-worthy photos without loads of people in the background.  

Relaxed Vacation

Never did I think I would put the word “relaxing” with “Disney vacation,” but it could be a possibility. Maybe this is the vacation you sit on a bench near the castle and take in the atmosphere. Or maybe it’s the vacation where you take the time to explore the intricate details on the Tree of Life. Either way, it’s a new opportunity to experience Disney without a rush and a pre-scheduled list of activities.

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A Dose of Disney Magic

I’m willing to bet that after these last few months, most of us could really use that “Disney magic.” Whether we suddenly became our children’s homeschool teacher, were laid off, or have been lonely stuck inside our homes in quarantine, a Disney vacation is the perfect break to bring joy to this tough year. 

Finally, this is an important part of Disney history we are all experiencing. Coming up on the 50th anniversary of the park, this is the first time it has ever been closed for this extent of time – by a long shot. It is a great opportunity to participate in this unique time at the parks.

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