Magic Kingdom Christmas Decorations: A Photo Stroll Down Main Street U.S.A.

As it starts to near the end of the year, folks around the United States may notice that winter will be coming soon by a slight chill in the weather, maybe by the trees losing their leaves. Here in Orlando, we don't get that; we get something better. We know the winter will soon be upon us when we see holiday decorations start to appear in the Magic Kingdom.

As you walk through the gates and enter the park you are instantly bombarded by holiday spirit as a vibrant display of trees, wreathes, garlands, and poinsettias are there to welcome you.


The tall, thin columns of the Emporium look as if they were built exclusively for the Christmas season, as the greens and reds of holiday garlands twine elegantly around them.


Main Street U.S.A. is peppered with some very Florida-festive Mickey wreathes.


Of course, you'll see plenty of more traditional wreathes as well, with rustic plaid green and red bows and multicolored ornamentation.


Is that a brilliant scoop of vanilla atop the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor? Nope, just the blinding Florida sun reminding me that although winter may be coming, us Walt Disney World locals will still be dealing with summer sun for a while yet. It is still perfect weather for our northern visitors looking for a respite from the cold, though!


Colorful garlands wrapping the Confectionery really makes it stand out, and even if you somehow don't desire anything inside, it is always nice to take a stroll around front and glance up at the delightful decor that graces the awning.


Since I must always leave a different way than I came in, it affords me one last glance at the entrance from another angle.


Well, the decorations are up, and winter will be here soon. Maybe I should go buy a jacket. Nah, I've still got a couple months till our cold week. I'll just throw on a t-shirt and head back to the parks.

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