Rainy days in theme parks never get me down

Rainy days in theme parks never get me down rain008

If you are planning on visiting Walt Disney World or one of the other theme parks in Orlando this summer, don’t let the rain spoil your plans. Just come prepared for the rain and you will find a less crowded park.

Rainy days in theme parks never get me down rain008 rain008

I am sure you have all heard the stories about how it rains every day in the summer here in Orlando. It doesn’t rain every day but it does rain quite often. It can be a quick shower or a heavy downpour, or it can be raining and the sun is shining,  so you need to be prepared. It isn’t at the same time every day and you may find it raining on one side of the theme park and not the other. If you see lightning you need to take cover. Florida is the lightning capital of the United States. If there is lightning within 5 miles of Walt Disney World, they will close down the outdoor attractions.

Just be prepared by bringing some basics with you from home. I pack a few large clear Hefty or Ziploc bags to put items in I don’t want to get wet. I have a jumbo size one that I put my camera in, and smaller ones to protect my phone. If it starts to rain many of the shops in WDW have clear bags you can request also. Many people find a umbrella can be helpful. I prefer using a poncho but be aware you will probably still be damp at the end of the day but it is better than carrying an umbrella. You can purchase clear ponchos while you are in the theme parks. Once it starts raining they will magically appear on all the merchandise counters. When the rain stops you can put the damp ponchos in one of your large bags. I bring them home and stick them in the dryer and while they are warm I can fold them up pretty small for use on another day. Others prefer to bring the thin plastic ponchos you can buy at the dollar store. Then when the rain stops you can throw them away if you don’t want to lug them home.

Rainy days in theme parks never get me down rain003 rain003

If you are coming during the summer it is a good idea to bring 2 pairs of park touring shoes. That way one pair can be drying while you are out in the rain. If you stuff the wet shoes with newspaper it will help them dry quicker. If you plan on wearing flip flops you might want to test just how good yours are in the rain before you come to WDW, you don’t want to be slipping and sliding out of your shoes.

If you are using a stroller, be sure to bring a cover for it. In a pinch I have thrown an adult size Mickey poncho over the stroller.

If it is raining while you are in the parks, you might find that is a great time to go get something to eat or visit the indoor shows like Mickey’s Philharmagic or It’s Tough to Be a Bug. You might also want to visit the inside character locations.

When it first starts to rain you will see people heading for the exits.  Just relax and soon you will find there aren’t any crowds at the attractions. Some of the best memories I have are when my kids and I just enjoyed the parks in the rain. I can remember the kids trying to get each other wet and laughing about it. Before you know it the rain will stop, the sun will come out and the crowds will flock back to the park. Don’t let the rain stop you from enjoying Walt Disney World!

‘Til next time, See you in the parks!

Kathy Werling discovered Walt Disney World later than most people but has made up for it. Living close to the theme parks hasn't gotten old yet for her. Kathy is an accomplished photographer and is always out finding new and different things to photograph and experience in the Orlando theme parks. Kathy is also part of the Orlando DIS Unplugged Podcast team.


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