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Should There Be a New Disney Junior Park?

Should There Be a New Disney Junior Park? DCLDisneyJunior-04

With the never-ending talk of a fifth gate at Walt Disney World, now and again, I like to think about whether this could be a possibility and what it should be. Walt Disney World already has four distinctly different theme parks. As much as I would love to see a Villain’s dedicated space, I think this would be better suited to a land rather than a stand-alone park. After all, the whole sentiment of Disney is that goodness and light will prevail. An entire park that is dedicated to the darker side of Disney might not have the audience to be sustainable, unlike a land within an existing park that guests could visit while also enjoying the lighter side of things. Of course, my Disney nerd brain won’t stop turning those creative cogs, and I’ve now started on a different train of thought. Could Disney Junior sustain its own park?

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Even though I am in favor of attractions for all ages in every Disney theme park, I can see there is an application for a park that is dedicated to our little ones. Think of it like a village with ToonTown in one area and other Disney Junior characters with their own lands as well. Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the First, Doc McStuffins, the list goes on, and there are so many adorable songs that you could incorporate these characters and their stories into a smaller-scale park. Special shows aimed at children and families, special dining options and character tea parties, and maybe even a special parade that is more in tune with a younger audience. I could even go as far as considering some sort of half-day ticket options since we all know that younger kids rarely make it a full day in the current parks

What do you think? Could Disney Junior sustain its own smaller park in Walt Disney World?

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