Should this Cookie Return to EPCOT for the 2021 Festival of the Holidays?

Just because a treat looks good doesn’t mean it necessarily tastes good, right? We’ve learned this time and again with Walt Disney World treats; some of them may look fantastic on the outside, but the taste might fail to live up to its looks. Prime example number one of this, in my opinion, is Mickey’s Holiday Cookie. Click here to catch up on my thoughts regarding that cookie. Spoiler alert: it was bad. Very, very bad.

When Disney announced that one of the treats coming to the Taste of EPCOT International Festival the Holidays would be a Salted Caramel Spaceship Earth Cookie, my interest was piqued. A cookie that looked just like our beloved (I’m assuming that you love it as much as I do) Spaceship Earth? A cookie that was so glittery and gorgeous had to taste amazing, right? Needless to say, this cookie went on my must-eat list immediately. I definitely had high hopes for it.

Midway through the festival, I made my way to the Holiday Hearth Holiday Kitchen (located inside World Showplace) to try this delicious-looking treat. Of course, before I took one bite of this cookie, I had to make my way to the Rosewalk to have a little photo shoot (pictured at top) with Spaceship Earth in the background. Forgive me, but I just had to.

The Salted Caramel Spaceship Earth Cookie was certainly lovely to look at. The top cookie was covered in gloriously chunky silver-colored sugar. The cookie itself was actually made of two types of sugar cookie: regular and chocolate. The attention to detail kept my high hopes aloft.

Upon tasting the cookie, I found the salted caramel chocolate ganache filling to be good. The ganache had a rich and sugary flavor, however, the layer of filling wasn’t very thick, and I found myself wanting more of it. While it wasn’t the smallest amount, it also wasn’t the biggest, and when you have a lot going on on the outside of a treat, it’s nice to have just as much going on in the inside.

The cookie also crumbles very easily, which made things a bit frustrating. If you pay $5.25 for a treat, you definitely don’t want it falling apart.

So, do I hope this cookie makes a return to next year’s Festival of the Holidays? Yes. I enjoyed all of the effort that the bakery team put into coming up with an inventive treat that pays homage to EPCOT‘s icon (the recipe that Disney released for the cookie is TWO PAGES LONG), but if the cookie does make a return in 2021, I’m hoping that the amount of filling used is increased. As far as I’m concerned, when salted caramel is being used, more is always better. Pretty please.

It’s worth noting that the cookie got a little revamp as the holidays neared. Each cookie started sporting a different Christmas-themed sugared piece front and center, rather than the holly sprig that adorned them in the beginning and middle of the festival.

Did you try the Salted Caramel Spaceship Earth Cookie at the Festival of the Holidays this year? If it returns, will it make your must-eat list?

Deni loves all things Disney, and, in 2013, moved to the Magic from Maryland. Walt Disney World is her happy place, and she loves getting to share it with others. Deni and her husband of almost 26 years have 2 grown children. Her favorite WDW snack? A Mickey Bar, of course. Is there any other?!


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