Sneak Peek of Reimagined Club Cool Shared!

Imagineer Zach Riddley has given Walt Disney World fans a sneak peek at the reimagined storefront for EPCOT‘s Club Cool and has let us in on a bit of the background design inspiration behind the storefront and the marquee.

Club Cool’s new entrance takes direct inspiration from classic green glass Coca-Cola bottles, complete with swirled branding, and the marquee itself features the EPCOT Bold font clad in bright Coke red.

Club Cool and the reimagined Mouse Gear (Creations Shop) were previously announced to be opening this summer, and we’re looking forward to stepping back into the space and possibly even sipping on a teeny cup of Beverly, which by the way, Riddley has confirmed will still be among the offerings in Club Cool.

Here are all of the details that Riddley shared:

Source: @thezachriddley