The Best Holiday Decorations at Walt Disney World

The Best Holiday Decorations at Walt Disney World IMG_6011

Walt Disney World is more magical than normal during the holiday season. The resort is covered in twinkling lights, Christmas trees, and gingerbread houses. This is my favorite time of year to walk around the parks because of the decorations, the background music, and the weather. The weather plays a huge part in loving this season here at Walt Disney World, but nothing is more magical than seeing the parks light up as the sun sets each day.

The Best Holiday Decorations at Walt Disney World IMG_4841  Sunset Blvd
<em>Sunset Boulevard<em>

My favorite decorations at Walt Disney World are at Hollywood Studios. In my opinion, the decorations at Hollywood Studios are the best on property. I love that old Hollywood decor and for that to be incorporated with the Christmas decorations is just perfect. The red and white stars lining Sunset Boulevard leading up to Tower of Terror always get me excited for the holidays, especially at night when the Tower of Terror is lit up. Every year I look forward to seeing the Echo Lake decorations. It is my absolute favorite part of Hollywood Studios during the holidays. Santa Gertie is a holiday staple. To me, it’s not Christmas until I see Santa Gertie. Another reason why I think the decorations at Hollywood Studios are the best is that you can find holiday decor all over the park, not just in the front or on the main stretch. 

The Best Holiday Decorations at Walt Disney World IMG_6862  Echo Lake
<em>Echo Lake<em>

Over the years I have fallen in love with the holiday decorations at Disney Springs. What I love most is that the decorations change and adapt to each section of Disney Springs; it almost feels like the decorations are helping tell the story of Disney Springs. The Christmas Tree Stroll is also a highlight for me at Disney Springs. I have done the Christmas Tree Stroll each of the last three years for my birthday. I love seeing all the different trees and looking at all the details in each tree, but the best part is being able to find each tree on the stroll. I think the concept is extremely creative and it’s a nice surprise for those that don’t visit often during the holiday season. 

The Best Holiday Decorations at Walt Disney World IMG_8865  Town Center Garland
<em>Town Center garland <em>

Epcot has always been the park I associate the holidays with because I feel that park has the best holiday experience. Each pavilion gets to showcase the holidays native to that country and decor. It is beautiful to see so much diversity in one place and it allows guests to learn about all the different holidays that happen during this time of year. The Epcot Christmas tree has always been my favorite Christmas tree on property. I love that it incorporates each country showcased in the park. That tree manages to take my breath away each time I see it because it’s massive and beautiful. 

The Best Holiday Decorations at Walt Disney World IMG_4170  Epcot Christmas Tree
<em>Epcot Christmas tree <em>

Of course, the gingerbread house at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is absolutely gorgeous and always a must-do. I also think that checking out each resort or at least your favorite resorts during the holiday season is a must-do. The decor in the resorts is always adorable. I recommended the resorts for holiday food and atmosphere. The experience is different from the parks since it’s more laid-back; it’s a great way to celebrate the holidays. Disney always does an amazing job decorating the parks and resorts for the holidays. They always manage to make the holiday season more magical.  

Let us know in the comments below what your favorite Walt Disney World holiday decorations are!

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