When You Wish Upon a Star, and It Lands on Your Head

The best advice I can share with fellow Disney vacationers is to understand that expectations are high (as they should be for such an investment), but even Disney can disappoint. Outside factors (those beyond Imagineer, cast member and even Mickey himself’s control) will interfere with your memory-making. I have grouped these interruptions into three categories: weather, fatigue, and OGI (other guest interactions).

Today’s topic – OGI:

I know you won’t be THAT mom. You know, the one yelling “Shut up and get out of my face!” at her children. (True story)
And I know you won’t be THAT dad. The one who uses the excuse “we are just trying to catch up to my family at the front of the line,” to line jump.
You will most certainly NEVER block a small child’s nighttime show view either. *gasp*
Compared to these villains, I’d take Captain Hook any day!

But sadly friends, this and more may happen to you, and when it so rudely does, you must be prepared.

This is the Jiminy effect. The moment when all the words you would like to say and the actions you would like to take are suddenly blocked with the realization: you are in Disney World. While I have perhaps let an elbow block a line-crowder and may have even been a member of a nighttime fireworks family triangle that maintained a safe perimeter of fireworks viewing for our children, your best response is to smile and be on your zip-a-dee-do-dah way.

No, don’t be a doormat, but politely distance yourself from these fun-suckers as quickly as possible and turn your attention to something magical close by. Engaging with these ‘ba-hum-bugs’ will only raise your blood pressure and bring your spirits down.

Even though, for the most part, Disney is full of happy people just like yourself, the others are out there. You have been warned!


Featured Image: Disney

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