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Where to Watch Your Favorite 90s Disney Sitcom Episodes

Where to Watch Your Favorite 90s Disney Sitcom Episodes IMG_3470

Just about every 1990s TV sitcom went to Walt Disney World or Disneyland at some point. Thanks to Full House, I can’t ever look at the Grand Floridian‘s sweeping lobby staircase or watch the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular the same ever again. Although the episodes may not have made such sense plot-wise, and you’ll catch some crazy-impossible park-hopping moments, they’re still very enjoyable and tinged with a nostalgic theme park glow.

How’s your Disney trip countdown looking? Watching these classic episodes helps the pre- and post-Disney blues subside, if only a little. Let’s cozy up with some popcorn and watch some of TV history’s finest moments featuring the Disney parks. I’ll let you know where you can currently find them for home-viewing, too!


“Best Laid Plans of Mice And Men” | Season 3, Episode 19

Where to watch? Individual episodes and season pass available for purchase on Amazon Prime

Blossom holds the honorary title of the first-ever “Disney Episode” for a TV sitcom. The story follows the Russo family to Disneyland, as Blossom’s father gets a gig as an Elvis impersonator at the park… what. You’ll also hear a LOT of false information about the park in this episode like “The Matterhorn goes 100 miles-per-hour straight up the side of a mountain,” or “Space Mountain is a 10-story rollercoaster in complete darkness.”  Thrill-seekers could only wish!

Full House 

“The House Meets the Mouse” Parts 1 & 2 | Season 6, Episodes 23 & 24

Where to watch? Disney+ and Hulu

The gang really is all here. And for two whole episodes! In short, Uncle Jessie and the Rippers bag a gig at Walt Disney World. Naturally, everyone comes along. Joey and Jessie record an underwater radio show at The Living Seas, Becky wants more time with Jessie, Michelle is named “Princess of the Day” at Magic Kingdom, while DJ, Steph and Kimmy try to find Michelle… who’s now lost? Danny and Vicky’s relationship magically progresses, and Steve even makes it down to the Sunshine State for all the shenanigans. This one is a classic! No matter how ridiculous it may be, it’s fun to see Magic Kingdom in its 90’s hey-day.

If you haven’t already noticed: there’s a fun joke with Aladdin at the park, since Scott Weinger, Steve (DJ’s boyfriend), voiced the animated character. Also, fair warning, the Grand Floridian is heavily featured.

Family Matters

“We’re Going to Disney World” Parts I & II | Season 6, Episodes 22 & 23

Where to watch? Disney+ and Hulu

Steve Urkel is headed to EPCOT to compete in an inventors’ competition held at Innoventions! His invention? An interesting contraption which transforms him into Stefan, a complete opposite persona. Of course, the Winslows come along for the magic and mischief. Magic Kingdom, EPCOT and MGM-Studios are heavily featured in these episodes. I’d be lying if I didn’t think of the Tower of Terror scene each time I take a ride through the 5th dimension nowadays.


“We’re Going to Disney World” and “Disney World War II” | Season 8, Episodes 17 & 18

Where to watch? Peacock

Mr. & Mrs. Barr magically stumble upon an excess of vacation funds and decide to take the family to Walt Disney World! The first episode mostly takes place at home and aboard the plane heading to MCO, and they do stay at an “offsite” hotel. But once they arrive, there are plenty of wise-crack-filled scenes at the parks; including an iconic slo-mo scene with John Goodman running down Main Street, ultimately ending up at EPCOT’s Germany pavilion for some beer.

Step By Step

“We’re Going to Disney World” Parts 1 & 2 | Season 5, Episodes 22 & 23

Where to watch? Max

The Foster-Lambert clan make their way to the Most Magical Place on Earth – and they’re staying in a 2-Bedroom DVC Villa at Disney’s Old Key West Resort! The boys in the family make it their mission to ride all the rides and eat all the foods. Be prepared for tons of old WDW footage, even including the defunct Mike Fink Keel Boats and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

These episodes are a MUST see for Disney fans. Vintage views of Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, MGM-Studios, and Pleasure Island await you!

Boy Meets World

“The Happiest Show on Earth” | Season 3, Episode 21

Where to watch? Disney+ and Hulu

Topanga wins a science competition which sends her to Walt Disney World. Of course Corey and Shawn follow, since Corey is trying to win Topanga back. This includes the bffs sleeping in a Splash Mountain log and diving at The Living Seas. Just your normal park day activities… This episode may drive you mad with the unbelievable park hopping, but it’s still fun and worth a watch! They even run into the cast from Step By Step. What a timely crossover!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

“Disney World” | Season 2, Episode 23

Where to watch? Disney+, Hulu, and Pluto TV

Lastly, a “new” park is featured… Disney’s Animal Kingdom! Sabrina’s science class takes a field trip to the freshly-opened WDW park. Naturally, this episode is filled with witchery and wonder in some of our favorite Animal Kingdom locales; DinoLand U.S.A. and Kilimanjaro Safaris! Nahtazu!

That’s all for my magical 90’s sitcom Disney parks recap! I hope you find this playlist helpful. Let me know if you watch any of these for the first time, or if you notice anything new upon re-watching! And shall we thank Michael Eisner for making these episodes possible? 

Please enjoy this 90s sitcom version of little me, thoroughly enjoying my time in Magic Kingdom’s ToonTown Fair, circa 1997:


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