Why You Should Book Your 2021 Disney World Vacation Sooner Rather Than Later

Last week, Disney World opened up their vacation package, room only & ticket sales for 2021. You might be questioning if you should go ahead and reserve for vacation plans now or wait until later to book. There are many reasons why booking now is the smart way to go.

Booking Your Park Passes Now

Along with reopening vacation bookings, Disney World also released their new Park Pass system. The Park Pass system is required to enter a park for the foreseeable future. Once you have put your refundable deposit on your Disney World vacation package, you’ll be able to immediately reserve your Park Pass reservations. Booking now gives you the most availability so that you can pick exactly which park you’d like to visit each day, before park passes start filling up. Park Passes can be modified should your plans change later.

Getting the Best Pricing

Booking your 2021 vacation now ensures that you lock in 2020 ticket pricing before they inevitably go up later. We also hear lots of people say that they want to wait until a discount comes out before they book. That’s actually the wrong mentality to have. Often times, we see that when a discount is released, pricing is actually also raised at the same time, so you are actually paying a higher price than if you had booked earlier. One of the perks of booking with a travel agent at Dreams Unlimited Travel is that once you reserve your vacation, your agent will monitor your vacation package for you and “auto-magically” apply a discount to your vacation should one become available. This keeps you from having to constantly check the website for discounts and keeps you off a multi-hour phone call to try to get a discount.

Resorts are Already Filling Up Fast

At this time, Disney World has only released the ability to book for resorts that are on their reopening list, so not all resorts are available to book. We have also seen that with the resorts available to book, they are not releasing their full inventory of rooms for bookings. Coupling together limited capacity, pent up demand and guests moving their trips from 2020 to 2021, we are already seeing many room categories and resorts selling out. Booking now ensures that you are able to get the travel dates you want. If your desired resort is not open yet for bookings, your reservation can always be modified later to move you over to your resort of choice if it opens.

Disney World May Pause Bookings Again

Several weeks ago, Walt Disney World paused all bookings for both 2020 and 2021 because they want to limit their capacity. They still have not reopened bookings for 2020, and they may not reopen them at all. If they start to see capacity for 2021 filling up, they may decide to play it safe and shut down bookings again, locking you out if you don’t already have a reservation.

No, We Don’t Know About the 50th Yet

At this time, reservations are able to be made for 2021 through September 26, 2021. We are hearing that they are still deciding exactly what to do for the 50th anniversary of Disney World, so they are not taking bookings yet for that time. Anxious to book the special celebration? Write to [email protected] to be put on the waitlist. A Dreams Unlimited Travel agent will contact you directly as soon as Fall 2021 bookings are available to reserve.

Easy To Cancel or Change Your Reservation

Booking a Disney World package with a room and tickets only takes a $200 deposit to book, and the balance is not due until 30 days in advance. You have complete flexibility over your reservation after its booked, so you can make modifications to it should your plans change. The $200 deposit is also completely refundable should you need to cancel.

As you can see, it’s kind of a no-brainer. If you are planning on a Walt Disney World vacation in 2021, you need to get booked now. You can get started with a no-obligation quote today from myself or any of the other agents at Dreams Unlimited Travel.

Elaine Edwards’ first trip to Disney World was when she was 2 years old and she has been addicted to the magic ever since. From yearly trips as a child with her parents, to now carrying on the tradition with her 3 sons, she loves escaping everyday life and creating life-long family memories. She even started running in the runDisney half marathons as an excuse to go to the parks more often. As a travel agent, Elaine absolutely loves being able to help her clients put all the pieces together for their vacations so that they can experience the true magic of Disney with their families. Elaine uses her extensive knowledge to help her clients craft a frictionless vacation from start to finish. Elaine currently books vacations to Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Aulani, Adventures By Disney, Universal Orlando, Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Celebrity Cruise Line & Virgin Voyages. You can request for Elaine to be your travel agent at dreamsunlimitedtravel.com by requesting a quote and choosing "Elaine Edwards" in the agent dropdown box.

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