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Would You Like To See An Expansion of Pandora?

Would You Like To See An Expansion of Pandora? Pandora-World-of-AVATAR-085

I was watching the second Avatar movie the other day, Avatar: The Way of Water, and I was reminded of the third and fourth films that are still in development. I started to think about how big this franchise has the ability to become, exploring new elements and environments, all with the beauty, grace, and detail of the ones we have seen so far. There is so much wonder and enchantment to come. While I am not a massive fan of war-like storylines, I can never say no to watching either of the Avatar films, even if only to enjoy the world of Pandora.

It’s part of the allure of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Pandora – The World of Avatar. You don’t need to have ever seen the films to be impressed by the environment that has been created for you to enjoy. There is a natural feeling of wonder that takes hold of you there that is impressive in its own right. And that is before you’ve seen the place light up at night.

With all this talk of expansion recently, I’ve started to think about whether or not we might see a more significant investment into the Avatar characters with an expansion of sorts or perhaps branching out into the other parks at some stage. I felt it needed to be turned over to the DIS Community. Would you like to see a new Avatar attraction? Would you repurpose an old one with a new theme or start from scratch? Let me know if you would be open to an expansion for Pandora and how you would design it.

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