Your Aulani Vacation: Learning the Hawaiian Language Part 1

Your Aulani Vacation: Learning the Hawaiian Language Part 1 Aulani resort and Spa Learn the Hawaiian Language with Aulani, Disney's Resort and Spa in O'ahu

Aloha! If your destination is the Hawaiian Disney Resort, Aulani, you are about to be greeted by one of the most beautiful languages in the world. With only 13 letters in its alphabet (a e i o u h k l m n p w), the Hawaiian language is gentle and welcoming, with some of the basic words used frequently with guests. We are going to teach you some of the terms and phrases that might be useful during your stay in a five-part series. To get things started, let’s start with some easy ones that the whole family can learn and practice while you relax and enjoy your time at the Aulani Resort.

Mahalo, the Hawaiian word for Thank You

You will frequently use our first Hawaiian word during your stay on the island of O’ahu. It’s hard not to when so many wonderful people are working hard to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Say ‘Mahalo’ to convey your thanks and appreciation in Hawaiian.

Keiki, the Hawaiian word for Child

Aulani is a resort that caters to all types of families, and the Hawaiian word for child, Keiki, will definitely come up while you are vacationing. You will often come across this word from the Keiki (Kids) Menus to the specialized kids club and swimming areas.

‘Ohana, the Hawaiian word for Family

Family is an integral part of the Hawaiian culture, which has heavily influenced the Aulani Resort and Spa. The Hawaiian word for family is ‘Ohana, and it will be used frequently during your stay.

Kai, the Hawaiian word for Ocean

Another important part of Hawaiian culture is the relationship between the people and the ocean. The Hawaiian word for ocean is Kai, and you will likely be enjoying it throughout your stay!

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