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What is Rope Drop at Walt Disney World?

For those who don’t know, rope drop is the moment when the parks open and guests are let in for the day. Rope drop usually happens around 8 or 9am, […]

DISNEY PARK PICS: Magic Kingdom | Tron Lightcycle

A big thanks to DIS In-Park Volunteer Abby Jacobacci for the images and details! Construction of the canopy on the upcoming TRON Lightcycle Power Run Rollercoaster is moving right along […]

Let’s Play Love/Hate: Tower of Terror

You see it as soon as you turn onto Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios; the Twilight Zone Tower of Tower looms in the distance, waiting for you. So, what […]

Would You Rather ‘Ohana or California Grill?

It’s time to play Would You Rather as we face the ultimate battle in Disney dining. If you could only visit one of these two restaurants, Would You Rather ‘Ohana […]

Let’s Play Love/Hate: The Grey Stuff

The Usual Rules Apply: The rules are simple. Love, or Hate, there can’t be anything in between, you can only pick one. None of this undecided, wishy-washy, a little of […]