Monday Merch Meeting: Electrical Parade, Americana, Pride, Holidays & More!

Happy Monday, Disers! I’m super glad you are here. Starting this meeting with you right now might seriously be the best part of my day today. Not only do we finally have online access to the Main Street Electrical Parade Collection, but a few other bits and pieces I know you’ll want to see.

Main Street Electrical Parade Collection

Oh, hello, sweet Main Street Electrical Parade Collection; I’ve been waiting for you. Hanibal Lector voice intended. That dress, this bag, those ears. I want them all.

Indiana Jones Collection

Is it just me, or does it seem weird that the Indiana Jones Collection has a $399 jacket but no hat? How can you be Indy without the hat? It’s just wrong.

Americana Plush Toys

Add to your 2022 Americana Collection with the Minnie Mouse Americana Plush – Small 13″, $22.99, and Mickey Mouse Americana Plush – Small 13″, $22.99, now both in stock.

Pride Collection

As Pride month comes to a close, grab the last items of the Disney 2022 Pride Collection, Disney Pride Collection Rainbow Mickey Mouse Cat Scratcher, $39.99, and Disney Pride Collection Mickey Mouse Necklace, $24.99

Guardians of the Galaxy Merchandise

These were a bit tricky as Disney’s images were broken and did not show up correctly all night. I am sure it will be fixed by your morning, which means you might have to click through to check out these ones.

New Pin Releases

Pin collectors can add to their range this week with a few limited releases, including this adorable Sword in the Stone pin and the Olaf Summer 2022 pin.

Starbucks Been There Series Star Wars Collection

These aren’t exactly new, but when my girl, Jackie, sent them over to me, I knew there would be a few Star Wars fans out there that might want to check them out. There are three available; all are $22.99 each.

Halfway to the Holidays Merriest Merchandise Preview

Meanwhile, in Disney Springs

And just because I am hungry…

That’s a wrap, my friends. I hope something in there made you smile. Have a great day; I’ll see you on Wednesday for this month’s A Brief History of Disney.

Meeting Adjourned!

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