Monday Merch Meeting: Stoney Clover Lane, Bret Iwan, Nanako Kanemitsu, and More!

Good Morning, friends. The sun has risen on another Monday in lockdown here in Sydney, which has only fueled my tendency to spend my feelings in online Disney shopping. Ready to get started and see what I’ve found for you this week?


The Haunted Mansion Merch

It’s easy to love the purple and green accents that come with the primarily black apparel and accessories in The Haunted Mansion merch. As fans of the attraction, we feel something at the slightest visual mention of HM characters. This week we have a wide selection of Haunted Mansion merch to choose from, including my personal favorite, the Feed Me Foolish Mortals Pet Bowl and Mat.

Disney Princess Heart Collection by Stoney Clover Lane

This long-awaited collection came and went in a flash, but for fans that are still looking to score something from this release, the mini backpack is still in stock as I write this. As for the other pieces, you can admire them from afar on the links below.

New from Loungefly

New Loungefly backpacks are here with the Oogie Boogie – Nightmare Before Christmas mini, making a timely entrance to the market in time for Boo Bash evenings.

Mickey Mouse Collection for Adults by Bret Iwan

Even if you don’t realize it yet, you know Bret Iwan. He is a voice actor and illustrator that you will probably know as one of the voices for Mickey Mouse himself. See the new Bret Iwan Mickey Mouse Collection below.

Mickey Mouse Collection for Adults by Nanako Kanemitsu

Brand new from the Disney Artist Series, this five-piece collection from Nanako Kanemitsu has emerged on the virtual shelves today, which means this limited release is currently all in stock as I write this. Be quick; it won’t last.

Disney Parks Entrance Plaque Baseball Cap for Adults

Ah, friends; welcome to one of my favorite merch items ever. Yep, I said the e-word. Seeing this has triggered all the feels, and now the girl who is perpetually afraid of hat-hair only wants to own this hat and never take it off. If you don’t understand why just by looking at it, you might need to rethink your Disney priorities. Disney Parks Entrance Plaque Baseball Cap for Adults, $27.99.

Walt Disney World & Disneyland Visor for Adults by Nike

I’ve got to admit, I am quite the Nike girl, so whenever I see a Nike x Disney release, my interest is stirred. Check out the Walt Disney World Visor for Adults by Nike and Disneyland Visor for Adults by Nike, both $34.99.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Earrings by BaubleBar

Some BaubleBar jewelry is a little much for my taste; however, I actually find these Mickey and Minnie Mouse Jack-o’-Lantern Dangle Earrings by BaubleBar, $55, and Mickey and Minnie Mouse Ghost Earrings by BaubleBar, $65, absolutely charming for the season ahead.

Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Ear Headband for Adults by BaubleBar

Now getting in on the Ear Headband market, see the new Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Ear Headband for Adults by BaubleBar, $29.99.

Minnie Mouse Faux Leather Ear Headband

There is something so simple about these that I really like. The Minnie Mouse Faux Leather Ear Headband, $29.99, has a lovely finish and is easy to pair up with just about any outfit. I need them to add to my collection.

Toy Story Alien Pixar Remix Cookie Jar

Needing something fun to keep those after-school treats in? Try the new Toy Story Alien Pixar Remix Cookie Jar, $44.99.

Operation Game by Hasbro – Disney Vacation Club Edition

I love a good Disney board game, and the Operation Game by Hasbro – Disney Vacation Club Edition, $19.99, looks like no exception.

New Figurines from Jim Shore and Grand Jester Studios

Figurine fans are sure to be excited by these new offerings from Jim Shore and Grand Jester Studios. The Up Levitating House is adorable in particular.

Meanwhile, in Disney Springs

So there was no merch to report in Disney Springs, but I did spy this delicious-looking creation just yesterday, and since I am hungry, you get to see it.

More Halloween Merch Coming to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and

Okay, so some of this we already covered last week, but a few of these items are still on their way in the coming weeks/months, and to be honest, I just like looking at the pictures. Enjoy.

And just like that, we have reached the end of our meeting. You will go on to enjoy the rest of your day. I will… go to bed. I hope your week ahead is fantastic; I will see you on Wednesday for a look at my new Disney obsession.

Meeting adjourned!

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Zoë Wood is a travel writer from Sydney, Australia. Since her first visit to Disneyland at the age of 6, she has spent her years frequently visiting Disney Parks and traveling around the world.

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