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‘The Little Mermaid’ Merch Broadens Cultural Representation

'The Little Mermaid' Merch Broadens Cultural Representation The Littler Mermaid Merch Diversity

The new live-action film The Little Mermaid has hit the headlines with a splash this year, ruffling feathers and fins over the casting choice for Halle Bailey as the lead character. The Ariel that we will see debut on the big screen later this week has some slightly different coloring to the original animated version, though as long as she doesn’t give away her trademark purple shell bikini, I’m all in. (Melissa McCarthy’s Ursula is also sporting a new skin tone, moving away from the bland grey of the animated character appearing to take on a more whimsical purple and pink highlight – I’m just sayin’…)

In both cases, I am excited to see this new path of inclusion, which is why I was thrilled to see the product launch for some of the official new merchandise, which kept this new representation in mind.

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Aside from some of the dolls, figures, books, and plushes that we have seen so far in the merchandise stakes, I was delighted to see a few new products introduced that aren’t traditionally seen in your average Disney merch release. Specifically, these two items are a sunscreen designed for darker skin tones and a special hair care product for mermaids with different hair textures.

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Having had a little girl who would do anything to transform into her favorite Disney Princess, and also having been one myself, I completely understand how much of a difference these products that are culturally mindful of different needs are appreciated.

Take a look at the full event here.

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