Where Do You Draw the Line With Buying Disney Merchandise?

Over the last year or so, Disney Parks has really stepped up their merchandise game. From resort-themed products to attraction and land-themed pins and shirts, it’s pretty tough to decide what you can’t live without these days.

What about all of the special event-themed merchandise? You’ve got all of the Festivals at Epcot with tons of specific merchandise surrounding each of them. The Festival of the Arts has had some beautiful items that have been creative and different from anything we’ve seen before. The Flower and Garden Festival brings merchandise that anyone who is into gardening and/or flowers will be swooning over. Then we have the Food & Wine Festival that brings us all sorts of incredible items for our kitchens from towels to aprons and everything in between.

And then there’s all of the holiday merch. The Halloween and Christmas lines really send me over the edge because I love and want it all. Then you decide to attend either Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party or Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and you find that there’s a whole new slew of special merchandise that is only available for sale during those parties so you have to buy it because you won’t ever see it again.

Now, let’s talk about all of these new sparkly ear hats and headbands that keep coming our way fast and furiously. I’m going to be honest and share that I bought a Minnie Mouse Ear headband on my first trip to Disneyland when my daughter was two; she’s sixteen now – it’s been a while. Fast forward to the last year and I have more of these headbands than I could ever have imagined, but I HAD to have them. Here’s the rundown of what’s in my closet: the Rose Gold Ears, the Minnie Ears that were inspired by her Springtime costume, the red and silver polka-dotted Ears with a sequined black bow, the Ugly Christmas Sweater Ears with red pom-poms, and the new Millenial Pink Ears. Holy wow, I can’t even believe it myself. Then Disney goes and announces that Mickey Ice Cream Bar Ears are coming next month – what’s a Disney fan to do? There is only so much room for all of this. Oh, let’s also not forget about the Happy Birthday Ears with the cupcake – and my birthday happens to be in July, so…

Happy Birthday Mickey Ear Headband

Don’t even get me started with all of the coffee mugs I own. They already take up 3 shelves of a large double cabinet in my kitchen, but more mugs keep showing up in the parks and on the shopDisney and shopParks apps and I’m forced to exercise the utmost restraint over here or my kitchen will explode.

I’ve managed to stay away from all of the themed MagicBands and cell phone cases that are all over even though I do love a lot of them. The only one that I haven’t been able to resist is the Millenial Pink MagicBand; that’s been my favorite shade of pink since I was probably ten years old.

So, I want to know what all of you do to control yourselves with all of this incredibly adorable merchandise Disney keeps throwing our way? I’ve resorted to waiting at least a week after I’ve seen something that I “can’t live without” before actually making the decision to buy it and if I still need it after a week, I might get it – not always, though – it really just depends on how much affection I’m feeling about it.

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