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Extend your Disneyland stay to include 2 or more nights in Laguna Beach! 
Disney's Southern California Magic Package gives you the flexibility to combine your stay in Disneyland with a stay in Laguna Beach at the beautiful Laguna Surf & Sand Resort. Get a no obligation Disneyland Package Quote.
Laguna Beach Photo Gallery
laguna-beach-IMG_9525 laguna-beach-IMG_9526 laguna-beach-IMG_9529 laguna-beach-IMG_9534
laguna-beach-IMG_9534a laguna-beach-IMG_9535 laguna-beach-IMG_9536 laguna-beach-IMG_9539
laguna-beach-IMG_9540 laguna-beach-IMG_9541 laguna-beach-IMG_9542 laguna-beach-IMG_9543
laguna-beach-IMG_9544 laguna-beach-IMG_9548 laguna-beach-IMG_9549 laguna-beach-IMG_9550
laguna-beach-IMG_9551 laguna-beach-IMG_9552 laguna-beach-IMG_9554 laguna-beach-IMG_9556
laguna-beach-IMG_9557 laguna-beach-IMG_9558 laguna-beach-IMG_9565 laguna-beach-IMG_9572
laguna-beach-IMG_9573 laguna-beach-IMG_9574 laguna-beach-IMG_9575 laguna-beach-IMG_9577
laguna-beach-IMG_9579 laguna-beach-IMG_9583 laguna-beach-IMG_9584 laguna-beach-IMG_9587
laguna-beach-IMG_9590 laguna-beach-IMG_9598a laguna-beach-IMG_9602  

Extend your Disneyland stay to include 2 or more nights in Laguna Beach with Disney's Southern California Magic Package.

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