Disneyland fans respond to new “MaxPass” system


This week, the Disneyland Resort announced a new way for guests to use their smartphones while in the Parks: Disney MaxPass, which combines elements of both PhotoPass and FastPass…for $10 a day.

Disneyland fans all over social media and elsewhere on the internet were quick to share their opinions about the new option, and posters on the DISboards were no exception on a thread started by “rteetz” titled Disneyland to Introduce MaxPass (New Fastpass & New Fastpass Attractions):

Poster “wanderlust7” is a fan of the unlimited digital downloads, but is not sold on the digital FastPasses:

$10/day for unlimited photos is a great deal.  I would definitely do that for at least a day or two.  But if I would need to pay $30 more per day for everyone to have mobile Fastpass (family of 4)…I don’t know.

“Frozen2014” thinks that international guests will now be at a disadvantage:

That really sucks.  You need to pay to have the advantage and without WiFi (such as, as we won’t have a data plan coming from Canada), then it would be useless to us anyways.

“Golfjbc89” thinks MaxPass might be a good value for him and his wife:

Because its just the 2 of us and we are only going to be there for 1 day i would consider the $20 upcharge if that means we can get a few more fastpasses and save a little time and energy.  that being said i definitely feel for all the familys out there.

“VandVsmama” is thinking about Disneyland’s motivation:

This is also all prep for when Star Wars Land debuts.  It will prevent SOME of the mad rush/run/walk to the back of the park to get FP’s for Star Wars Land rides in person.  When SWL opens, in order to be sure to get FP for your favorite SWL ride, you’ll likely have to bite the bullet and spend the $10/person for each day that you want a SWL attraction’s FP.

“goooof1” is not pleased…:

sounds like a GIANT MONEY GRAB on the part of Disney….NO WIFI in the parks….????!!! oh, yeah….great idea! can you say…..NIGHTMARE!!?? get ready for longer lines for TSMM and Matterhorn as well….??? Just what we need, right?

…and “mikedoyleblogger” is even more upset:

I can’t even.  So instead of adopting WDW’s amazing, very well received, and free mobile FP booking system, DLR is going to model itself after Six Flags and *upcharge* guests for the “privilege” of using a modern ride-reservation system?  That’s one hell of a shark for TDA to jump.  Disgusting.

You know, after many years as a DLR vet and evangelist, I’ve felt DLR dying for me little by little for the past couple of years.  Vandalizing the Rivers of America. Destroying the ranch area. Evicting the railroad from the berm.  Shutting down Fantasmic, the train, and all the watercraft for two years. Ripping the classic theme out of Tower of Terror.  Refusing to install in-park wifi.  Raising 365-day AP prices by 75 percent.  Refusing to go near the New Technology project for years after its rollout in Orlando.

But this really takes the cake for me.

Finally, “Tink1987” gets right to the point:

Does anyone else hate the name also?  It is awful!

If you want to get in on the discussion, head over to the DISboards and share your thoughts!



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