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Incredicoaster: Full Ride Details

Incredicoaster: Full Ride Details IMG_2829

The fastest attraction in the Disneyland Resort, Incredicoaster will be the first ride-through attraction in the world to showcase characters from Disney•Pixar’s Incredibles. This coaster will feature new music by Academy Award-winning composer Michael Giacchino, who scored The Incredibles and Incredibles 2. Along with new music, the Incredicoaster will feature impressive special effects, lighting, and character figures.

Incredicoaster: Full Ride Details IMG_2827 IMG_2827

Guests will be joining the family of superheroes — Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack — along with Edna Mode as Municiberg dedicates their roller coaster to the Incredibles for their heroic efforts and deeds, naming it the Incredicoaster.

At the inaugural launch, Edna and Jack-Jack, being too short, have to stay behind and wait in the VIP inauguration lounge for the rest of the Incredibles. Jack-Jack slips through Edna’s sight and, due to his many powers, creates chaos on the track and his family steps into action to save him and the citizens riding the coaster.

If you are planning on riding this attraction without spoilers, then please be warned that the information below contains full details about the coaster. 


Guests are launched as Dash sprints to catch Jack-Jack. In the first tunnel, Jack-Jack uses one of his many powers — shooting blue laser beams from his eyes. To try to avoid being hit, Dash uses his super speed to rush away and try to get his brother.

Elastigirl springs into action during the climb into the second tunnel and tries to reach out and grab her baby as he transports himself into another dimension. As guests are about to dive downward, the smell of chocolate chip cookies fills the air and Mr. Incredible punches his way through the tunnel, luring Jack-Jack out of the other dimension with a cookie.

Violet, using her force field, shields the guests from the ablaze Jack-Jack in the third tunnel. As the coaster shoots out of the tunnel, the Incredicoaster riders will see multiple giggling baby Jack-Jacks as he uses another one of his many powers.

As the guests come to the end of the ride the familiar voice of Edna Mode is heard telling the Parr family that their baby is safe and has returned to the VIP lounge. When the riders are coming back to the loading bay, guests will pass by the VIP lounge with Edna Mode and a Honey I Blew Up The Kids-sized Jack-Jack!

Incredicoaster: Full Ride Details IMG_1718.MOV.00_02_07_16.Still005 IMG_1718.MOV.00_02_07_16.Still005

As guests leave the ride they will pass by the Jack-Jack Cookie Num Nums shop to indulge in delectable warm chocolate chip cookies. 

Incredicoaster: Full Ride Details IMG_2830 IMG_2830


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