Review: A Fairytale Breakfast at Red Rose Taverne

Review: A Fairytale Breakfast at Red Rose Taverne IMG_0609 2

Deep in the heart of Disneyland’s Fantasyland, the Red Rose Taverne will whisk you away into the story of Beauty and the Beast with French-inspired cuisine. Walking in, you will get transported to Belle’s provincial town where you can order food in the middle of the town square. This fan favorite restaurant has now started serving breakfast!

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So lets say “bonjour” to some of these great new items. On the menu, you can find the classic Breakfast Platter, Vegetable Hash, Croque Madame, and Breakfast Flatbread. Last, but certainly not least, we cannot leave out the famous Mickey Pancakes, which is a breakfast must for kids and kids at heart!

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There are three seating areas to choose from. You can take a seat in Gaston’s taverne section, where the walls are donned with trophy antlers and painted portraits of himself.

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Take a stroll to the Beast’s enchanted castle, where the walls tell you the story of Belle and the Beast. One can even find some familiar faces around, like Lumiere and Mrs. Potts! If the inside isn’t to your liking, then take an adventure out to the great wide somewhere and have a seat on the patio. No matter where you go, you will always have the fabulous music from the motion picture to listen to.

Before we talk about how the food tasted, let me just mention that breakfast took a total of around 30 minutes to receive from the counter. This is a quick service restaurant and I personally don’t think it should take that long to wait for our breakfast. I do recognize that the Taverne recently started serving breakfast and the kitchen is still working out timing issues. The food came out at various times during the 30 minutes. It helped that the cast members, especially the lead, were apologetic to all who endured a lengthy wait.

Now that we have all the food, lets start eating breakfast! We tried the Croque Madame, which is a classic French dish that Disney transformed into modern-style breakfast fare by making it open-face. The open-face Croque Madame is layered to perfection with thick toast at the bottom, a layer of mustard, tender smoky ham, gooey gruyére cheese, creamy béchamel sauce, a seasoned tomato slice, and topped with a baked egg with a runny yolk. The dish is accompanied with a side of seasonal fruit.

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The next item up is the Breakfast Flatbread, which the menu describes as a crispy crust topped with mozzarella cheese, bacon, egg, Taverne Potatoes, lemon béchamel sauce, and garnished with greens. What we received was similar, but not how it was described. We did indeed get the crispy golden brown crust with mozzarella cheese, bacon bits, Taverne potatoes, a runny egg, and arugula. The only difference was that we had no trace of lemon béchamel sauce. The flatbread was good, but what could make it great would be if there were more potatoes and one more baked egg on top with a runny yolk.

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Lastly, let’s dig into the gluten-free Breakfast Platter. The Taverne Potatoes were outstanding. These crispy bites were perfectly seasoned and had the most unexpected flavor for breakfast potatoes — garlic! I am a garlic lover and these were amazing. The taste was not too strong to overwhelm your palate while you eat creamy scrambled eggs and crispy bacon. Unfortunately, this is the only item that is gluten-free, so I am glad that they have these fantastic potatoes to make the dish succeed.

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Having breakfast in Fantasyland was a fairytale! Yes, there was a little hiccup in the beginning, but it ended up perfect. It was an ideal amount of food to start off the day at the park! On the plus side, it was relaxing to sit outside in the warm morning sun finishing up my coffee while listening to the music of Beauty and the Beast. 



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