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Top 5 Pieces of Disney Merchandise That We Would All Love to See

Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and the Disney Stores already have a lot of merchandise, souvenirs, etc. Everything from dinnerware to phone cases can be found in the parks’ many gift shops and even at your local mall. What more could anyone want? Well, I have thought of five things that most of us would love.

1. Candles, scented and themed after attractions, restaurants, parks, resorts, whatever. The smells of Walt Disney World and Disneyland tend to be incredible, and being able to bring those scents home would make everyone happy outside of the gates.

2. Dole Whip, sold at your local grocery store. Everybody loves Dole Whip, and purchases it at the Magic Kingdom and The Polynesian Village Resort. But what if you could buy Dole Whip from your local grocery store? The delicious treat would now be available anytime you crave it.

3. Walt Disney World Monorail Play Set additions. Currently for the Monorail Play Set, Disney only sells The Monorail Track going in a circle. Straight pieces of track are available at an additional fee. But what if you could also have the three Monorail Resorts or even the TTC? This would make the Monorail Play Set even better for under the Christmas Tree or around the house. These were actually sold at one point, but now they can only be found on websites like ebay, and not directly through Disney.

4. Horizons is arguably the most missed attraction at Walt Disney World. But, Disney does not sell any merchandise for it. Every Disney fan would love to wear a Horizons tee-shirt, pin, or even have a miniature model of the attraction.

5. Although technically merchandise that would mostly be sold digitally, everybody would love an open world Walt Disney World/Disneyland video game. To be able to walk around and explore, would be incredible. Disney has already done this with Kinect: Disneyland Adventures, and it was received fairly well. However Kinect: Disneyland Adventures is only currently available on the older Xbox 360 Console.


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