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Top Three “Cures” to Post-Disney Depression

Post-Disney Depression gets to lots of people once their trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland ends. After any time in a Disney theme park, it is difficult to return to your normal everyday life. The sense of escapism brought by a Disney theme park is difficult to compare to anything else. Yet, it ends so abruptly, as soon as you pass the sign saying “See You Real Soon!” There are ways, however, to feel as if you are back in the parks, at home.

(Image Source: The Disney Driven Life)

1. Watching Ride-Through Videos

YouTube.com is home to thousands of ride through videos of attractions at Disney Parks. These videos are often of high quality and can show off the details of every attraction. Hearing the music synced perfectly with the attraction’s visuals can make you feel as if you were in the parks. Some channels that have ride-throughs are The DIS, iThemePark, and MyThemeParkPOV. There are of course many, many more channels that also have ride-throughs. Just go on YouTube and search for the attraction you would like to virtually return to.

2. Listening to Disney Theme Park Music

Walking through a Disney Park you hear lots of music. Everywhere you walk music is playing, typically themed around the section of which you are in. Listening to Disney Park music at home can really remind you of walking through the parks. YouTube.com is home to lots of Disney Park music, free of charge just like the ride-through videos. Most Disney music on YouTube contains specific information in the title about where it is heard.

3. Looking Through Photos and Watching Videos From Your Trip

While it may seem obvious, this is probably the greatest way to remember your Disney vacation. Viewing the photos that you took and thinking about where you were standing when you took them can really help you remember a lot about your trip. Your own videos are another fantastic way to remember your trip, hearing your voice and the voices of those you are traveling with in a Disney Park really brings back memories.

Although not an actual disease, Post-Disney Depression can really make it difficult to adjust to the real world. As shown, there are things that you can do to make it feel as if you are back in the park.


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