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Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland

Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland Jones-Merch-2

A trip to Disneyland wouldn’t be complete without souvenirs. However, let’s say you already have the requisite mouse ears, the Mickey plush and the coffee mug. You’re looking for something a bit more unique. Well look no further, I have just the Disneyland souvenir for you!

Lots of people enjoy wearing Mickey ears in the parks. Even adults like to get in on the fun. However, there is a lot of unique head wear that you can choose from if you don’t want to go the mouse ear route.

How about an Indiana Jones hat? These hats run anywhere from $30-$80. They can be found in Adventureland across from the Jungle Cruise attraction. Frontierland also has a small selection in the large gift shop across from the Shooting Gallery.

Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170717_195317 IMG_20170717_195317
Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170717_160704 IMG_20170717_160704

If you want something a bit more dapper than a fedora, how about going with one of these Haunted Mansion top hats?

Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170717_160122 IMG_20170717_160122

These hats are located in the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop next to the attraction. This shop now splits about half of its space with Haunted Mansion merchandise. They run approximately $40.

If you want a hat but none of those are your style, how about these adorable cowboy hats? The red one looks like the one that Jessie wears in Toy Story 2 and 3.

Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170717_195314 IMG_20170717_195314

They can be found in the main Frontierland gift shop across from the Shooting Gallery.

Maybe you don’t want a hat. That’s fine, there are plenty of other unique merchandise options. The Mickey and Minnie ‘His Minnie’ and ‘Her Mickey’ shirts are super popular. So popular that Disney has diversified and has quite the selection of these. The shirts usually cost around $25.

Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170717_160217 IMG_20170717_160217

This is perfect for a The Nightmare Before Christmas fan. They can be found in the gift shop in New Orleans Square that the Haunted Mansion shares with Pirates. The pirate shirt below can be found in the same shop.

Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170717_155934 IMG_20170717_155934

Elias and Co. at Disney California Adventure has this innovative new line of cute shirts.

Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170717_141335 IMG_20170717_141335

I love shirts that are creative and reference Disney movies. These run from $25-$45.

While I think that Disneyland could certainly sell even more Fantasmic! merchandise, these are the offerings for the newly updated show. They’re located, once again, in the Pirates and Haunted Mansion gift shop in New Orleans Square. Show your enthusiasm for the updated Fantasmic! with one of these items.

Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170717_160153 IMG_20170717_160153

If you are looking for a unique souvenir, I have to highly recommend the new Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout gift shop in Disney California Adventure. It’s hard to resist the cuteness of baby Groot, and this shop has plenty of items.

Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170717_140304 IMG_20170717_140304

In my opinion, one of the best things about this shop is the retro toys! Let your kids see what you played with as kids and get them a viewfinder, or a Simon. (Just make sure they don’t open Simon in the car, that would be a loooong trip.)

Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170717_140354 IMG_20170717_140354

The gift shop also offers a small selection of ‘captured exhibits’ like Rocket raccoon, Cosmo the space dog (sure to be a hit with anyone who has read the Guardians comics) and my personal favorite, Howard the Duck! These run around $22.

Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170717_140429 IMG_20170717_140429
Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170717_140436 IMG_20170717_140436

Then come my absolute favorite unique souvenirs. The first is a map from Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. It is located in the Indiana Jones gift shop in Adventureland. It only cost $4.

Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170815_190543 IMG_20170815_190543

This souvenir didn’t cost me a dime. I know, right, a free Disney souvenir?

Unique Souvenirs from Disneyland IMG_20170815_190423 IMG_20170815_190423

If you ask a skipper at the end of the Jungle Cruise, they will give you one of these maps as long as they have some available.


Does anyone have a favorite, unique souvenir from Disneyland? Share it in the comments!


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