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Disney to Slow Down Release of New Marvel Content

Disney to Slow Down Release of New Marvel Content Marvel and Star Wars Content to slow on Disney+ Marvel and Star Wars Content to slow on Disney+ Marvel and Star Wars Content to slow on Disney+

If you’ve noticed that the last few years of Disney content have been heavily weighted toward Marvel and Star Wars, then you might be interested to hear that Disney’s content priorities may be shifting. Amid frantic cost-cutting planning, the financial investment required to continue feeding the Marvel Studios giant might be the next to see reductions in production and distribution. The Hollywood Reporter has published an article littered with quotes from Disney executives and insiders, all seeming to allude that change is on the horizon.

“There is going to be a level of rigor on Marvel and across the entire company,”
“Numbers matter now, and costs are going to be outlined and enforced.”

An Unnamed Company Insider

“We want the quality on the screen, but we have to look at what they cost us.”

Bob Iger, Walt Disney Company CEO

“The pace at which we’re putting out the Disney+ shows will change,”

Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios

It’s no secret that the production of content for both Marvel and Star Wars is some of the most expensive that Disney has invested in, largely to blame for the current deficit The Walt Disney Company is feeling in revenue. It seems the re-instated CEO has a plan much different from that of former ousted CEO Bob Chapek, one that is focused on renewing the profitability of the company over the excessive distribution of high-cost content.

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