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Should Disney+ Be a Complimentary Offering in Disney Resort Rooms?

Should Disney+ Be a Complimentary Offering in Disney Resort Rooms? DisneyPlus-Resort-Room

Yesterday, while I was making notes about my tips for decorating your resort room for Halloween, I went to include a bonus tip that led me down a rabbit hole. One thing that I can’t imagine not doing with my family on Halloween is watching one of our regular movies. Even when we stay in hotels on the actual day, we never miss watching one of our favorites on Halloween night. My suggestion this year was going to be to enjoy the newly added Haunted Mansion on Disney+, though that was when my thoughts went awry.

Sure, you can bring up the Disney+ app on any of your devices and watch it from there, or, on some resort televisions, you can log in through a browser or cast to the TV. However, it suddenly struck me as odd that Disney+ isn’t available as a standard offering in Disney Resorts. I was surprised this had never occurred to me before. Not only is it a fantastic offering to advertise with your rooms, but it’s also the perfect opportunity to get families enjoying the service so they will want to subscribe when returning home. It should be a win/win, right?

Am I crazy for thinking that a Disney Resort room should have a standard app for Disney+ included? My family and I usually spend all day and most of the evening in the parks, so while I don’t expect that we would use it all that often now, there were definitely times when my children were younger when it would have come in handy. Let me know what you think.

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