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Star Wars Pros: Take Our May the 4th Questionnaire Now!

Star Wars Pros: Take Our May the 4th Questionnaire Now! Star Wars 20 Questions

Are you a dedicated Star Wars fan who knows all the ins and outs of this galactic saga? We want to hear your opinions on some dividing questions. Here is your May the Fourth questionnaire with all the controversial questions we want your answers to. All you need to do is copy and paste the 20 questions and add your answers to the comments or to our social media posts to participate. Let’s get started:

  1. What was the first Star Wars movie you ever saw?
  2. What color would/is your lightsaber?
  3. Who is the ultimate best good-guy character in all of Star Wars?
  4. If you visit Disney Parks, name your favorite Star Wars attraction (Meet & Greets included!)
  5. Name your favorite Droid
  6. Choose between Luke Skywalker or Han Solo without context
  7. What vessel would you prefer to make your way around the galaxy?
  8. Darth Vader and Kylo Ren are in a fight; who would win?
  9. What’s your favorite Star Wars planet?
  10. Name the most underrated character in all of the Star Wars movies
  11. Do you call this character Grogu or Baby Yoda?
  12. Do you have a Star Wars conspiracy theory?
  13. Choose one Star Wars character to be your backup in a dark alley.
  14. What’s the best Star Wars costume you’ve seen?
  15. Name one twist that you didn’t see coming throughout the franchise.
  16. Which character best represents yourself?
  17. What was the best Star Wars Saga movie of the nine) (Original Trilogy, Prequil Trilopy & Sequal Trilogy included)
  18. Han Solo’s ultimate fate: Agree or disagree with the outcome?
  19. Name your favorite character from another species other than humans (no droids or Yoda!)
  20. Who is your favorite Star Wars couple?

There are a few in particular here that I am very keen to know your answers on!

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