The New World of Frozen Hong Kong Experience I Want in the USA

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You might remember that over the last year, I’ve been pretty excited about the new World Of Frozen land that has been constructed in Hong Kong’s Disneyland Park. The place is stunning, and I have enjoyed watching the area come to life, creating its own real-life Arendelle in the middle of Hong Kong’s Lantau Island. Outside, you are in the chaotic and charismatic city of Hong Kong, though once inside the Disneyland gates, you will now have the opportunity to be transported to the Norwegian Alps, where your favorite Disney sisters are waiting to greet you.

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Making your way through Disneyland Park, Arendelle is waiting to open up the gates, yep, just like in the song, and welcome guests from November 20th. The previews that have surfaced over the last week, thanks to Destination D23, are everything you had hoped they would be, and certainly enough to wish we had something like this in the US-based Disney Parks. Take a look:

It isn’t just the castle you can enjoy in this new area. Each carefully crafted building, true to Norwegian-inspired architecture, is home to a different exciting experience. From shops filled with your favorite Frozen merchandise to bakeries and dining that showcase new and exciting dishes, the new land is exactly what I need to get the immersive Frozen experience I’ve watched Disney Imagineers create.

New Food and Drink Items in Arendelle

Special new menu items are going to be available for guests to enjoy while they explore their way through Arendelle, with many beautiful new food items to try, all perfectly themed for the Frozen occasion! Let’s take a look at some of the offerings:

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❄️ Coronation Sundae
❄️ Arendelle Meatballs in a Mushroom Cream Sauce
❄️ Innkeeper’s Special Braised Lamb Shank
❄️ Rosettes

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Your Chance To Meet Anna & Elsa in the Heart of Arendelle!

When you set off to meet with Anna & Elsa, the story of Frozen welcomes you with so many perfectly crafted details. Enjoy the whimsy of the Playhouse in the Woods as you interact with some of your favorite characters from the Frozen movies.

Anna and Elsa have opened the doors to their childhood hideaway, the Playhouse in the Woods. Nestled deep in Arendelle Forest, you are joined by your favorite Frozen friends, Anna and Elsa, as they return to this charming location on this special day. As the royal sisters step forth and into your midst, you will witness Elsa’s ice magic firsthand and embrace the warmth, enchantment and fun to be found inside this immersive encounter.

Disneyland Hong Kong
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Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs

A brand new Frozen-themed attraction awaits your arrival at this beautiful new land, Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleds!

To celebrate Summer Snow Day, Oaken has constructed a family friendly carnival coaster behind his Trading Post called Wandering Oaken’s Sliding Sleighs that takes you on the wildest of adventures through the rugged landscapes of Arendelle Forest.

Disneyland Hong Kong
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Arendelle at Night Time

What could possibly make a Disney storybook experience that comes to life more magical? Seeing the setting of one of your favorite Disney films light up in a glittery nighttime spectacular. Arendelle sparkles after the sun sets with the snow-capped mountains in the background and the gorgeous scenery of the surrounding town.

New World Of Frozen Hong Kong Experience I Want In The USA HKDL_World-of-Frozen_Landscape_Night_1-cr-res

Does this sound like something we need to see arrive somewhere in the USA? If you ask me, it’s a solid and rather impatient YES! I would love to see more of EPCOT’s expansions represent some of the beauty you can see here in Arendelle. While the story might be one created in fiction, the country and culture are a celebration of the global theming found within EPCOT and would be thoroughly enjoyed as a region of the world that many of us don’t get to see.

Do we need a World of Frozen in the US Disney Parks?

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