A Look at Mickey’s Opening Float for Magic Happens Parade at Disneyland

The Disneyland Resort has shared a look at the opening unit for Magic Happens, the new parade premiering soon at Disneyland Park. The parade opens with Mickey Mouse in an iridescent sorcerer-inspired costume riding a coordinating float featuring a 15-foot tall magical hat.

Joining him, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto, Chip, Dale, and a group of energetic “magic makers” help get things started, dancing to original music by Todrick Hall.

Show Director Jordan Peterson shares a look behind-the-scenes at Mickey’s float:

Other fun facts:

  • Magic Happens features 9 newly designed floats
  • The parade features two songs: “Magic Happens,” plus a special song for the finale featuring themes from Remember the Magic, Wishes, and Remember…Dreams Come True.
  • 90-plus performers are in the parade, including more than two dozen Disney and Pixar characters
  • The lyrics of “Magic Happens” are printed on two of the costumes to represent the magic of music
  • The opening float has 300 LED lights on Mickey’s giant hat
  • LED panels on the Moana float will provide a glimpse into the magic the ocean holds, including cameos of characters from Finding Nemo
  • The Moana float is 32 feet long, 22 feet tall, and 12 feet wide
  • Miguel appears in person for the first time on the Coco float
  • Dante transforms from his dog form into his alebrije form as he crosses the float’s marigold bridge
  • The Coco float is 36 feet long, 19 feet tall, and 11 feet wide
  • The Frozen 2 float features Anna and Elsa exploring the mysteries of the Enchanted Forest
  • Kristoff also appears in the parade along with animated versions of Sven and Olaf
  • The Frozen 2 float is 39 feet long, making it the longest in the parade
  • The finale includes magical moments from several stories, with performers wearing costumes and carrying flags that represent different stories.
  • In addition, look for other magical characters like Genie, Aladdin, Tinker Bell, Peter Pan, Blue Fairy, Pinocchio, and Fairy Godmother
  • The Cinderella float features Cinderella inside the pumpkin as it transforms into a glistening carriage
  • The transformation includes vines that become wheels and leaves that turn into stained glass
  • The carriage is 16 feet tall and 10 feet wide
  • The Sword in the Stone float has Arthur making his Disneyland debut, as he claims his place upon the throne
  • Look for an animated Archimedes, plus nods to Arthur and Hazel as squirrels
  • The float is 15 feet long, 19 feet tall, and 12 feet wide
  • The Princess and The Frog float features Tiana and Naveen as they complete their transformation into human form
  • The golden swirls of flowers around the pair rotate
  • The float is 19 feet tall and 11 feet wide
  • The Sleeping Beauty float features Aurora and Prince Philip, plus representations of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather
  • Aurora’s dress shimmers between hues of pink and blue
  • The turret on the float is 30 feet tall, making it the tallest float


Magic Happens makes its way through the streets of Disneyland starting February 28th.

Source: Disney Parks Blog