5 Things that I Hope are Added, Changed or Improved on the 3 New Disney Cruise Line Ships

I know you’re thinking “it’s Disney Cruise Line, how can it get any better?” Well, let’s talk about it. If you’ve been on 3+ cruises with Disney, I bet there are at least a couple of things you would change, other than the price and how to take more cruises.

Here is my list for the first 5 things that I would like to be added, changed, or improved on the upcoming DCL ships:

1. More pools. I know that all of the ships have several water play options, however, a lot of those are crowded most of the time. What if DCL had one whole deck dedicated to pools for the family? One pool for ages 3-7, one pool for ages 8-12, and one pool 13-17 (with parents being allowed in all them, of course), all on one deck so that a family with different ages of kids could all be around the pool at once. I’d also love one adult pool as big as the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder have (if not bigger) on an upper deck so that the adult pool area is adults only, without having kids run past. I’d also love another Satellite Falls area for the adults.

2. Add another Adults Only restaurant. I love Palo and Remy, and don’t want those to change, however, another adults only restaurant with a different kind of cuisine would be amazing.


Maybe they could do a Spanish or Mexican with a Coco theme or Japanese/hibachi with a Mulan theme or even Mediterranean/Greek with a Hercules theme. Anything to add a new, wonderful cuisine to the list and give us a new area to explore would be welcomed.

3. The menus in the main three restaurants. Over my 5 cruises, I’ve noticed that there is a lot of carryover year after year. I can tell you the same tired thing they have on the Pirate Night menu without even looking at it. And this was the “cool menu” when you could still take it with you back in 2009.


I understand that it might be hard to roll out new menus or food for the cruise fleet, but a refresh every 5 years shouldn’t be that hard.

4. To go along with new menus, how about a 4th main restaurant? The 4th restaurant could follow Disney Cruise Line’s current trend of dining locations like Tiana’s Place or Rapunzel’s Royal Table. It could coordinate with the show that is currently on the ship.

5. Better (primarily faster) embarkation. We all want to get on the ship as soon as possible. I know that time is needed to clean and go through customs, but I hear about all these other cruise lines (who have even more passengers) who take guests from curb to ship in 10-20 minutes at the most. Why can’t Disney have an expedited check-in process? If we do online check-in before we cruise, why can’t we just walk through the line to get our Key to the World card and go? Why can’t DCL have an equivalent of MagicBands and be done with it?  We could upload a picture of ourselves and electronically sign forms ahead of time. I don’t get it. But I’ll deal with it just to go on the cruise.

How about you? What do you hope gets added, changed or improved on the new Disney Cruise Line ships?

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