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A Review of the 10th Anniversary Cookie Box from the Gingerbread Display at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

Each holiday season, the Bakery Team at Disney’s Contemporary Resort creates a gingerbread display for all to enjoy. If you’ve never been by to check out the results of their hard work, I highly recommend you do so.


The team has been creating these masterpieces for ten years now, and this year’s creation is a Mary Blair-inspired version of Cinderella Castle.


The display is a delight to behold, as is the cookie cart that sits right next to the display.


The cookies offered for purchase on the cookie cart are a variety of those you’d expect to find, such as a Gingerbread Boy, plus ones that you might not expect, such as a Chocolate Chip Pecan cookie sprinkled with sea salt. In my opinion, anything sprinkled with sea salt is a good thing.


Ryan Clavin and I stopped by the display (ahem…and the cookie cart) earlier this week, and we decided to give Pastry Chef Jeff Barnes’ 10th Anniversary Cookie Box a try. The Cookie Box contains smaller versions of some of the cookie cart’s most popular cookies: the Chocolate Chip Pecan cookie, the Gingerbread Boy, the Linzer cookie, and the Chocolate Peppermint cookie. The 10th Anniversary Cookie Box sells for $14, and discounts do not apply.


We first tried the Chocolate Chip Pecan cookie. Nuts in cookies and brownies just aren’t my favorite, but this cookie was delicious. The pecans did not overpower the large chunks of chocolate in any way. And, as you can see in the picture, the chunks of sea salt were generous in size. This was a moist and delightful cookie, and one that I would consider purchasing again.


Next on the list was the Linzer cookie. The Linzer cookie is made with a raspberry filling, and, as Ryno denoted, hazelnuts. Each cookie is labeled on the back with the complete ingredients included, as well as an allergy warning label. This cookie was a light and enjoyable option. I tasted the nutmeg and allspice from the first bite, and I enjoyed it greatly.


The Gingerbread Boy cookie was perfect. It was soft and spicy. I love that they put the finishing touch of a not-so-hidden Mickey right in the center of the cookie. If you’re stopping by the Contemporary, one of the Gingerbread Boy cookies would be the perfect stocking stuffer to purchase and take home. That is, if you can keep yourself from eating it before you give it away.


The last cookie we tried was the one I knew I’d love: the Chocolate Peppermint cookie. When I stopped by the display last year, I asked the cast member what her favorite cookie was, and this one was her choice. She said that she looks forward to the return of the Chocolate Peppermint cookie each year, and, after tasting it, I knew why. It is a thick and incredibly chocolatey cookie with chocolate icing drizzle and crushed peppermint candy on top. This cookie tastes like Christmas, and both Ryno and I enjoyed it. I stopped back by the cookie cart to purchase one to take home after we were done reviewing the cookies, and I’m sure I’ll head back over to the Contemporary very soon to buy another.


The cookie cart also has a variety of prepackaged snack items for sale, as well as a 10th anniversary hot cocoa mug ($24.99) and a Contemporary Resort Gingerbread Display ornament ($14.99).


The ornament is in the shape of a piece of Christmas candy, features the Fairy Godmother as she is depicted in the display, and is dated.


In all, the 10th anniversary cookie box was a hit. It’s the perfect thing to share among the members of the traveling party, and I encourage you to stop by the gingerbread display if you have a non-park day to fill.


Hop on the monorail or walk over from the Magic Kingdom, and head to the fourth floor to enjoy all that the gingerbread display has to offer.

If you’ve stopped by the gingerbread display and have a favorite cookie, please let us know in the comment section below. Merry eating!

Check out The DIS’ overview video of the gingerbread display below:

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