A Tour of the Collector’s Fortress at California Adventure

This article contains spoilers and pictures from within the queue of the new Guardians of the Galaxy-Mission: BREAKOUT! attraction, but NO spoilers about the attraction itself.


Taneleer Tivan, The Collector, has plopped his new fortress down at the edge of Disney California Adventure and invited guests in for a tour.


As you enter the exterior portion of the queue, you’ll come face to face with an 8-foot tall statue of Tivan himself…of course. The rest of the garden area is filled with exotic plants from around the galaxy.


Once inside the lobby, there is plenty to look at from the Collection.


I thought some of the stuff was interesting, but as someone who hasn’t seen many of the Marvel films, I’m probably not the target audience for some of the “Easter Eggs” in this room.  If you find something in the pictures that you recognize, please let me know in the comments.

Your next stop on the tour is the Collector’s Office.  Outside the office, you’ll find a portrait of the Collector, plus an interesting collection of weapons.



Once inside the office, things move a little quicker, so getting a glimpse of the “Easter Eggs” in there is a little tougher.  Do your best.

From the office, you’ll head into the maintenance bay where you’ll board your gantry lifts for the rest of the tour.  There aren’t as many “Easter Eggs” in this area, but in one dark corner, there’s something Disneyland fans might find interesting.


To avoid any more spoilers, I’m going to end the tour right here, but after you visit the Collector’s Fortress, let us know what some of your favorite pieces of his collection are.


Tom is the host and producer of the DIS Unplugged: Disneyland Edition podcast, plus Disneyland Editor of The DIS. He enjoys traveling with his wife and teenage son. At this point, their favorite destination is Alaska, with a FIFTH cruise there planned for the Summer of 2019. In his spare time he volunteers with Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts, and help found his son's former Cub Scout Pack. His favorite Disneyland attraction is Space Mountain.



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