Shopping the Collector’s Warehouse at California Adventure

Every good museum, art gallery...or theme park attraction...should have a gift shop, and the Collector's Fortress is no different. Your tour of the Collector's Fortress ends in the Collector's Warehouse, where Taneleer Tivan (aka The Collector) and his staff are selling off some of his collection because, frankly, they've run out of room. merch03 Part of the store is dedicated to the expanded Marvel universe.  On the far wall, you'll find merchandise themed to Captain America, Spider-man and others, including clothing, costumes, toys, and pins. You'll also find a refrigerator with bottled drinks, just in case you missed the carts outside. merch04 The front of the store features merchandise themed to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, including shirts, hats, kid's costumes, toys, and dolls. merch26 merch27 Also, right inside the front door is a penny press where you can get a 51-cent souvenir of your visit to the Collector's Fortress. merch05 The check-out is also near the front, where Tivan's warehouse workers will help you with your purchase or sell you an obligatory photo from your visit to the Fortress. Merch02 My favorite part of the Collector's Warehouse, however, is in the back, near where you exit your tour.  Here you will find merchandise that is specifically themed to the tour you just experienced. You'll find shirts and hoodies for men, ladies, and kids themed to your favorite Guardian. There are also a couple options for coffee mugs and shot glasses. You'll be able to read about your experience in some special comic books. merch22 Since the Collector hasn't been rotating his stock all that well, you might also find some classic 1980's toys still sitting on the shelves, including View-Master, Lite-Brite, and electronic sports games. Finally, what store would be complete without a few plush dolls?  Again, the Collector has picked up some interesting things along the way...and held on to some of it way too long, including these Howard The Duck dolls. merch20 You should be able to find something for everyone at the Collector's Warehouse! Guardians of the Galaxy-Mission: BREAKOUT! opens May 27th at Disney California Adventure, replacing the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.  The Collector's Warehouse was formerly Tower Hotel Gifts.

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